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I recently met Autumn at The Roger Up Event with Jason Redman and she is a powerhouse. She is a wonderful speaker and truly gets it. She talks about how the stigma of being a female in the police world and the good and bad of it. Keep up the great work and continue to keep it real!! Rick

The BEST resource for female LEO!

Hey Autumn, I recently found your podcast and it is, by far, the most honest, educational, and entertaining resource. I’m not an officer quite yet- starting Academy this October- but I’ve been working to soak up everything I can to prepare. Your podcast is incredible and so are you! I listen during all my running and training in prep for Academy :) Thank you for working to put this out there!


Great insight into being a female police officer.

In re public service

I don’t always agree with everything Autum says, but I like the fact that her views are consistent. I’ve been in law enforcement now for 24 years. Nine in the Marine Corps and 16 with my Department. All of my department time has been in patrol on the graveyard shift except for one (regrettable) year where I voluntarily worked day shift. I’ve stayed on the weekend schedule, because that’s where the new officers go more often than not. All good guys and gals with none of the baggage that comes with seniority. Thank you for speaking to the regular folks on the job.

For Cops and those who want to understand them

If you’ve been a cop or 1 year or 20 years, it doesn’t matter, the job affects you in some shape or form. You may not see it but it does. Who wouldn’t be affected by putting your everything on the line and have most of your feedback be negative? This podcast does a fantastic job of discussing Police issues on a personal level that includes on and off duty. There are many topics you will relate to and it might help you to know you’re not alone. -Ohio Police Officer Since 2016


This podcast is beyond amazing. Simply stated! Get your s#*t together and subscribe and listen to every episode

Awesome podcast!!!

I stumbled across Autumn about a year or so ago and I had started listening to her podcast a few months ago. And I love how REAL she is. I will be in the January 2020 police academy class and I struggled getting in. Autumn was one of the people who have helped push me just because of how real she is about law enforcement. 10/10 recommend for sure!!

Super pumped!

Just discovered your podcast and I have to tell you that we talk the same language!! OMG wish I had discovered it sooner. Very honest, upfront NO BS podcast!! All cops and first responders needs to listen! Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next podcast!

Love the honestly.

I love how Autumn talks to us she really hits a cord with me and explains exactly how law enforcement is. She’s honest, open and to the point. Very informative and beneficial, keep up the good work.

Briefing room must!

I’m a retired cop who had 20 years of service. I believe this podcast should be played in every squad room in every law enforcement agency across America. The lessons taught by this podcast will save cops from falling prey to “the job”.

Life changing

Like my title says, this podcast is life changing. Autumn and the guests on the episodes have so much knowledge and information. I am so glad I found this, because I felt alone with the line blue line and now I have a family and the line is so thick.

Great job!!

Thank you sheepdog nation for giving me the platform to share the importance of mental health for first responders. It’s a topic we need to discuss more as it’s going to take a big shift to change the culture. God bless all the listeners and keep up the great work!!


Autumn has an uncanny ability to get right down to "brass tacks" on any subject. She is direct to the point no b.s. and grounded which in my opinion is rare these days. I can't say enough about her and her podcasts: they are original, activating & electric. I feel better knowing Autumn Clifford's got my back!

Excellent Podcast

I had the honor of being invited on The Sheepdog Nation Podcast. As a fellow Podcaster, this is one of the best podcasts out there. I would highly recommend. Thank you Autumn. Patrick Fitzgibbons

Great show!

I am enjoying listening and learning from Autumn and her guests. I had no idea what a sheepdog was but I love learning more about what life is like for law enforcement. I really enjoy shows like this that pull back the curtain and let us understand more about aspects of life and careers we otherwise would never understand.

Amazing podcast!!

I am so happy that I found this podcast!! Autumn provides incredible inside information that I know is going to help me advance in my career. I can’t wait to hear more. Keep ‘em coming!!

SO fun to celebrate...

So fun to celebrate those who serve us every single day. This is super cool. I appreciate your service!

Great Show in an interesting niche

Really enoyed the Firearms nation interview. The host was dynamic and very conversational. I felt like I was sitting in her living room having a chat


WHat a great show. She gives such a real persective when it comes to Sheepdogs. I would 100% listen to it!

Very Informative

It is interesting and bring a real point of view from the real Officer’s perspective. Great content.


I just found this podcast station last week. And it came at a great time! Autumn presents a lot of good information and in a way you can understand it no matter who you are or where you are in this law enforcement family. Please keep up the great work Autumn, we appreciate it!


I just found this podcast! Awesome

Couldn’t have said it better myself

As a female LEO, I love the real was that Autumn brings to the table in her podcasts. She’s open, honest, compassionate, and matter of fact. Civilians and officers alike should be listening to her messages because it isn’t said enough! We need support and I love that she has our backs. Keep the truth coming and bring it on!

Keep it coming

Autumn is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s fine. But if you’ve ever worn the uniform, you will find yourself nodding, smiling, and swearing along with her as she calls out cops for the mistakes we make and for the attitudes that hold us back. If she says something that hurts your butt, then you probably need to hear it more often.

LEOW & future LEO

Autumn is the absolute best! She understands both sides of the badge and brings the most straight forward and down to earth point of view to the listener. She is so inspiring and motivating while keeping it real. Her honesty and blunt attitude mixed with a sense of humor truly makes for an easy to binge listen to and enjoyable podcast. I highly recommend for any LEO spouse and every other sheepdog out there!

Preparing for the job

I’ve been trying to become a LEO last four-years. I found Autumn on Spotify and contacted her about the process I was in. After our online meeting and me bugging her endless amount of time on IG, I’ve started to have much better idea about the job and the process. Shortly after talking to her, I had two oral boards I passed and waiting to hear from the 3rd department, which I’m very confident about. I strongly recommend for those who wants this job as bad as I do, but having some kind of struggle with fully understanding it, or even if you want to stick out better than others in the group...just talk to her! Thank you Autumn for your help.

All love for Autumn

I absolutely love Autumn’s Sheepdog Nation podcast!! She’s real, sheds light on countless angles that have stayed in the dark for too long, and just absolutely rocks. I love her emphasis on the unity of the brother/sisterhood throughout law enforcement. I’ve waited all my life to experience it for myself and God willing I’ll be able to become apart the thin blue line family very soon...the only place I truly feel like I belong. I’ve always had blue blood in veins and listening to Autumn’s podcast every week has amplified my motivation. Thank you to Autumn and to my fellow sheepdogs 💙🙏🏼

A Citizen

Great insight in to Law Enforcement. She tells it like it is and very inspiring to listen too! Highly recommend!!!

Autumn tells it like it is!

I look forward to Autumn’s weekly podcast. Everything she addresses is so relevant and raw. Her insight is like stepping behind the curtain of law enforcement.

The BEST Police Podcast!!!

As a new LEO, this is the most in your face podcast out there! Autumn doesn’t hold back and puts everything in the language we all speak that are in the career. She hits the subjects that we can’t, and does it in a way that others fall short in. I highly recommend it for anyone considering a career in law enforcement, those who are in law enforcement, or those who are prior law enforcement. WE ARE THE SHEEPDOG NATION!!!!