Season 9

S9 The Will To Live E3 The Guardian Of The Golden Gate with Kevin Briggs

May 28, 2020

Kevin Briggs was a California Highway Patrolman for 24 years. His jurisdiction: The Golden Gate Bridge – a glorious and glamorous assignment protecting one of the world’s most iconic landmarks… until you learn that he negoti…

S9 The Will To Live E2 The Psyche of Survival with Dr. Kevin Gilmartin

May 8, 2020

Dr. Kevin Gilmartin is considered the leading behavioral scientist specializing in mental and emotional health for law enforcement. In this episode he offers sound, logical advice for lawmen and women to maintain well-being …

S9 The Will To Live E1 Dent The Universe with Dr. Richard Carmona

April 24, 2020

Very few have ever Dented The Universe and made their lives valuable to others like Dr. Richard Carmona. He is a national treasure. His resume would be unbelievable if it were not true. High School dropout, joins the Army, g…