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A must listen

I absolutely love this podcast, you will hear the first responders tell stories of horrific events that they were involved in. It gives the normal person an inside look as to what they all all go through, and the struggle that many face after the fact.

Great Show!!!

Congrats on the new endeavor as head football coach. Hope to hear more! Great content for first responders and even those who are not.

Great Show

Great podcast that gives you a different perspective of what all First Responders in all fields deal with daily. Really like how the host just lets the speaker just tell the story! Great podcast!!

Great Show

Thanks for the sound update Jay! Coming from someone who knows nothing about recording a podcast, I understand the situation and love that you fixed the issue. Show is awesome. Can’t wait for the next episode and god bless the men and women who protect us.

Static / Sound Quality Complaints

I see the sound quality/static complaints. They are valid and that is 100% my fault. As an explantion to your frustrations - not an excuse - I have very limited tech, no expertise or experience as a podcaster, no sponsor and receive no compensation. I will work to improve and make future episodes more enjoyable. The episodes are not designed to make you angry, but rather to bring you my amazing friends and their stories. Thank you for trying to listen past my technical shortcomings and take away the messages being delivered. I'll try something different for the next episodes and see if I can improve your experience. Thank you for you patience, your comments, and for listening.

Great podcast

Awesome content. Terrible sound quality. Thankfully it’s short or the static would make it unlistenable.

Fix the Static

Show is great but can’t take the static

Love this.

As a Marine, former Police, and current volunteer EMT/Firefighter this podcast hits home. The stories are inspirational, informative, and gives everyone a better perspective on what we go through afterwards. Thanks for starting this and sharing these peoples experience.

Outstanding Podcast

This is the first Podcast I have ever listened to and I look forward to each one. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

You have to listen!

Thank you Heartland radio 2.0. Just needed to hear on episode of Copland and I’m hooked. I drive a lot and needed something else to fill my brain with!

Great podcast

Jay is the man

Why the static

Can we do away with the purposeful static ? Annoying. Other than that. Very interesting & good podcast

Underrated podcast

After hearing him on Heartland 2.0, I knew I had to listen to a few of these episodes and after a couple I am definitely gunna be listening to them all. Keep them coming and go back on to heartland you were a great addition

Stories that need to be told

The host is a fantastic storyteller allowing others to tell their stories.

Uncle Todd sent me!

If my uncle Todd says your cool, your cool. Heard your story a bunch of times but it was awesome listening to you talk it openly.

Underrated podcast

After hearing you on Heartland Radio 2.0 podcast I just had to listen to your podcast and I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. Keep them coming

Must listen!

Just heard you on Heartland 2.0 and I will be a listener for life! Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country

Shoots from the hip!

Straight up solid dialogue with an excellent group of interview guests. Also walk away from each episode with a renewed appreciation for man and womankind.

This is the real deal

These stories are legit! Listening to these stories are like watching a movie for your ears thanks jay