March 15, 2023

Deputy Shot Twice, Once In The Face, His Story and Medical Care That Saved His Life.

Deputy Shot Twice, Once In The Face,  His Story and  Medical Care That Saved His Life.
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Deputy Troy Anderson pulled over a car one night for an average car stop. Before he could sense any threat the suspect fired a gun twice and shot him in the face and hand. It was a rural area far from help and an off duty deputy, near the area, cleaning the patrol car heard his call for help on the radio. The suspect was later killed in a shootout with a civilian while invading that person's home. 

Deputy Anderson had no way of knowing that the driver was a a registered sex offender. And according to investigators was hell bent on violence. "I truly believe he had an evil mindset and his thought process was to kill and destroy innocent people," Dixie County Sheriff Darby Butler said about Miedema at the same event. "Fortunately, he did not succeed in that."

Troy tells the horrifying story of the shooting and the wonderful medical professionals that saved his life.  

One of the images in podcast cover from WCTV.

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