Feb. 1, 2023

Police Shooting and Cop Stress, Toll on their Marriage and Her.

Police Shooting and Cop Stress, Toll on their Marriage and Her.

Husband’s Police Shooting and Cop Stress Toll on their Marriage and Her. Her story, the solutions they both found and their mission to help others.

Brian Seitz retired from the Huntington Beach Police Department after a total of 32 years of service. During his police career he was involved in a fatal line of duty shooting. Linda Seitz, his spouse is our guest. Linda talks about the effects of the Trauma on her and the family. Plus she discusses how the overall stress from police work took it's toll on her. Her vivid descriptions lead to in depth talks about how she made progress and they both worked together to rebuild their marriage. Now they both have a mission using their experience to help others.

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