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Real Stories that Inform

This was a great podcast find. They have great guests on that explain what really happens in the everyday life of law enforcement officers. As opposed to the nonsense that mainstream media portrays these days. Not only that, John’s voice can’t help make you feel like you are listening to the announ…

Amazing podcast

John does a great job of covering a wide spectrum of topics that keep you engaged with each episode. Everyone has a story and he does a wonderful job of letting his guests tell theirs.

Important Conversations

John thanks for having these important conversations about what is going on in policing and sharing all perspectives.

Great content, many commercials

Great content, many commercials. Some don’t skip a beat and are inserted in a way that doesn’t transition to the ad (can’t tell whether you’re listening to the content). Otherwise, good topics and interviews.

Nice podcast

I lost word of mouth again after listening to this podcast....Because the podcast is so good.....

Extremely helpful

I'm a medically retired US Border Patrol Agent. I was listening to knees but it was not helping at all. It was putting more stress. Starting hearing to another podcast and then found this one. Very informative for everyone, cops or regular citizens. I can feel the pain of many of the interviews bec…

Not a cop

Not a cop but I absolutely love this podcast