June 2, 2021

S5E38: The True Donnie Brasco - Joe Pistone Retired F.B.I.

S5E38: The True Donnie Brasco - Joe Pistone Retired  F.B.I.
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The movie took some liberties... I never lost my moral compass... Even while working undercover with the NY Mafia. A revealing comfortable conversation with an icon of American Law Enforcement. The True Donnie Brasco - Joe Pistone Retired FBI.

Joe Pistone is our guest. He became famous for his undercover work for the FBI and infiltrating the NY Mafia as Donnie Brasco. He talks about his life growing up in Patterson NJ and how that helped influence his undercover career. Joe discusses the truth about his character in the movie Donnie Brasco and how the "Hollywood" portrayal took liberties with the truth. From his law enforcement career, working undercover, his family life, the books, movie and his top ranked podcast are all in this episode of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast.  

Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.

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