Feb. 2, 2022

S6E10: Critically Injured In Military Combat, He Fought To Recover And Became A Police Officer.

S6E10: Critically Injured In Military Combat, He Fought To Recover And Became A Police Officer.
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Severely injured in combat while serving in Iraq, he faced a long road to recovery. He then became a Police Officer and experienced the traumas of Police Work.

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Dexter Pitts is our guest, he is a police officer and is a combat injured US Military Veteran. He talks about his service in Iraq and the violent combat incident when he was severely injured. After his long rehabilitation process he became a police officer and was immediately exposed to severe trauma that was life changing. Dexter discusses his recovery from both, what he does to remain healthy while continuing to serve as a Police Officer and how he uses his experience to help others with his book and his podcast .

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