Aug. 10, 2022

S6E64: The “Homicide Hunter” Joe Kenda Returns with his True Crime Insights and More.

S6E64: The “Homicide Hunter” Joe Kenda Returns with his True Crime Insights and More.
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The “Homicide Hunter” Joe Kenda Returns with his True Crime Insights and More. An American Law Enforcement Icon talks about his career, true crime insights, television programs, and more. In a style that is uniquely Joe Kenda.

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There is only one Joe Kenda and we are thrilled to have him back on the Law Enforcement Today Show. Most people know him from the long-running "Homicide Hunter" television show on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Joe is a retired Colorado Springs Police Lieutenant and he spent most of his career in Homicide catching killers. Check out the programs on the Investigation Discovery Channel and on-demand at Discovery +.

Joe talks about his television programs "Homicide Hunter Never Give Up", a special about a cold case that was solved after many years and the show "American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda. Joe also discusses his career, life after law enforcement, and his True Crime insights.  

Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.

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