May 18, 2022

Bad Guy Came Out Swinging Died Trying On Video - LEO Round Table S07E20a

Bad Guy Came Out Swinging Died Trying On Video - LEO Round Table S07E20a

01:49 Police Week 2022 is going to be big

03:48 Mass shooters claim victims and some were stopped

14:21 Bad guy came out swinging died trying on video

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)  

Season 7, Episode 20a (1,730) filmed on 05/16/2022 

Topic 1 concerns Chief Joel F. Shults giving some details of the events of Police Week and the 34th Candlelight Vigil that will honor fallen LEO's.

Topic 2 concerns mass shooter Payton Gendron fatally shooting multiple people, including retired Buffalo (New York) Police Officer Aaron Salter Jr. And Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Pastor Billy Change, stopped a gunman by hitting him with a chair. Also mentioned: Undersheriff Jeff Hallock.

Topic 3 concerns Edison (New Jersey) Police Officers Daniel Bradley and Joseph Elqumos fatally shooting Merrill Rambarose, after he charged at the officers with an axe.

Show Panelists and Personalities:  

Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police Detective)  

Ward Meythaler (Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor)

Mike Roche (retired Secret Service Agent & Author)



Tio Hardiman (Criminal Justice Professor, Author & President of Violence Interrupters) 


Bret Bartlett (retired police Captain)  

David D'Agresta (retired police Officer and sheriff's Corporal) 

Andrea Casale (retired police Officer)

Will Statzer (Producer) 


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