July 29, 2020

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S05E30 - 2 of 2

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S05E30 - 2 of 2

This episode contains discussions on:

The crisis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The crisis in Seattle, Washington

The crisis in St. Louis, Missouri

The crisis in Oakland, California

The crisis in Atlanta, Georgia

The crisis in New York, New York

The crisis in Detroit, Michigan

President Donald J. Trump and the feds getting involved

Defending the house and protecting police buildings and personnel

A letter to the American people: Are police reform proposals real solutions or chimera?

Slain Sumter County (South Carolina) Sheriff's Corporal Andrew Gillette is a hero in taking out shooter Terry Hasty in video

Phoenix (Arizona) Police don't do a pat-down on shooting suspect Jovana Kelsey McCreary and get in a close quarters shootout with her when trying to arrest her on video

La Mesa (California) Police Detective Eric Knudsen shot protester Leslie Furcron in the head with a beanbag round immediately after she throws an object at police on video

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