Feb. 26, 2021

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E08 - 2 of 2

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E08 - 2 of 2
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This episode contains the following:

LA sues ghost gun maker Polymer80, LAPD says over 700 seized weapons tied to its parts

Albuquerque police fatally shoot man who threw knife and charged them

Glendale PD burglary suspect wielding a metal bar shot during confrontation with officer

How a public pension can hurt in retirement: SS rule cuts benefits for government workers with second jobs

California deputy shoots, kills knife wielding woman in front of her young children on video

Seattle police officer shoots and kills knife wielding and charging suspect on video

New Mexico police officer run over by suspect after being Tased at Sonic drive-in restaurant

NYPD cops try talking down man shooting at them through door on video

Cops raid Florida man's hotel room while he shrugs off multiple Tasers and throws knives at officers on video 

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