Sept. 22, 2021

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E36 - 1 of 1

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E36 - 1 of 1

This episode contains the following:

Labor Day Holiday, lasting impacts of Sep 11th attacks & 911 exhibit newest addition to national LE museum

Law enforcement agencies suffer background investigation setback

VIDEO: Man with knife pleads with Austin police to take his life after being shot
VIDEO: ‘Don’t do it’: Cops warn against TikTok milk crate challenge

Colo. Officers, paramedics charged in Elijah McClain’s death

San Fran program will pay individuals $300 not to shoot

The end of Qualified Immunity for law enforcement officers?

VIDEO: Garden City police open fire on man who pointed gun at officer’s head

VIDEO: Huntsville police officer shooting armed, suicidal man

Does a U.S. citizen have the right to resist an unlawful arrest, even to the point of death?

Oregon trooper posts video from patrol car defying state vaccine mandate, placed on leave

A LEO’s duty to protect individuals vs. Citizens being on their own

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