Sept. 29, 2021

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E39 - 1 of1

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E39 - 1 of1

This episode contains the following:

Could wearable devices save police officers’ lives and careers?

Rochester police officer faces department charges in Daniel Prude’s death

VIDEO: ’Watch out!’: Fla. Cops in unmarked car find themselves under fire

VIDEO: Ohio officer shot in head, returns fire

Travel questions lead to reasonable suspicion

Spitting at cops: Depending on where it lands, this Minn. county won’t prosecute

VIDEO: Denver officers shoot man holding a gun to the head of a female hostage

VIDEO: OIS leaves a man dead after he stabbed a woman multiple times

Worth every minute: 3 daily stress relief habits

Portland mayor calls for funds to rehire retired police officers amid crime spike

VIDEO: Traffic stop goes TERRIBLY Wrong in Houston

VIDEO: Denver police open fire on intoxicated man as he pulls gun from his pants

Healthy cops: Officer wellness as a condition of employment

Chauvin appeals murder conviction in George Floyd’s death

VIDEO: Denver police officers’ actions during deadly shootout was ruled JUSTIFIED

VIDEO: Knife wielding man fatally shot after cutting his own throat and advancing on officers

Bipartisan police reform push crumbles in congress

VIDEO: Suspect took a swig of whiskey, then grabbed gun before being shot and killed

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