Oct. 27, 2021

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E43 - 1 of 1

LEO Round Table - Law Enforcement Talk Show - S06E43 - 1 of 1

This episode contains the following:

U.S. Supreme Court sides with police in qualified immunity cases

COVID vaccine mandates from around the U.S.

VIDEO: Officer involved shooting that led to Arlington Police officer’s termination

VIDEO: Chicago Police encounter knife wielding man during domestic violence call

Training at distance still matters

A simple way to overcome the 25-yard line anxiety

Ex-Minneapolis cop resentenced to nearly 5-years in 2017 killing

VIDEO: Jacksonville Police justified shooting of Justin Reed

VIDEO: Daredevil motorist drives over NYPD car to escape arrest

The state of hiring LEOs in the U.S.

VIDEO: Police officer shoots woman as she charges toward him with knife

VIDEO: Police officers drag a paraplegic man out of his car

’Slap in the face’: Minn. LE leaders say prosecution policies hurting police work

VIDEO: Suspect points gun in deadly shooting involving IMPD officer

VIDEO: Driver brawls with police after pursuit on Calif. Highway

In a bid to stop overdose deaths, CA could allow drug use at supervised sites

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