June 6, 2022

Lethal On Illegal Who Refused To Drop Rock At Chili’s! LEO Round Table S07E22e

Lethal On Illegal Who Refused To Drop Rock At Chili’s! LEO Round Table S07E22e

01:01 Lethal on illegal who refused to drop rock at Chili's
06:47 Instructor and student wounded at gun training range
09:21 Is it a right to film cops?
14:52 "Go Topless Jeep Weekend" spins up a ton of arrests
16:08 HOA orders Thin Blue Line flag to be taken down
17:06 Good Samaritan saves woman from robber 

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)  
Season 7, Episode 22e (1,744) filmed on 05/30/2022 

Topic 1 concerns Phoenix (Arizona) Police officers shooting a man with a rock, after he entered a restaurant and refused to comply.

Topic 2 concerns an accidental shooting at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, wounding a student and instructor.

Topic 3 concerns the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing a case to allow citizens to film cops. Also mentioned: Attorney Natasha Babazadeh for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, Carlsbad Police, and Albert Bustillos.

Topic 4 concerns Galveston (Texas) annual "Go Topless Jeep Weekend", resulting in 100 arrests for drunken fights that broke out. Also mentioned: Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Topic 5 concerns Etna Township (Ohio) resident Thomas DiSario, being order by his neighborhood's HOA to take down the Thin Blue Line flags he was flying in his yard in honor of his fallen LEO son, Kirkersville (Ohio) Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario. Also mentioned: Suspect who murdered Chief DiSario, Thomas Hartless.

Topic 6 concerns a good Samaritan stabbing purse snatcher, Lorris Puckett, after he robbed a woman in broad daylight.

Show Panelists and Personalities:  
Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police Detective)  
Ward Meythaler (Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor)  
John Newman (retired police assistant Chief)
Bret Bartlett (retired police Captain)
Randy Sutton (retired police Lieutenant)
David D'Agresta (retired police Officer and sheriff's Corporal)
Andrea Casale (retired police Officer)
Will Statzer (Producer) 

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