May 24, 2023

Shoplifter Injures Officer And Regrets It On Video - LEO Round Table S08E85

Shoplifter Injures Officer And Regrets It On Video - LEO Round Table S08E85

01:41 Hospital worker accused of racism brings proof of the incident

09:03 NAACP tells Black Americans to stay away from Florida

19:38 Cops killed in shootout

32:17 Shoplifter injures officer and regrets it

41:34 Governor signs bill dissolving police oversight boards

LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show)

Season 8, Episode 85 (1,997) filmed on 05/23/2023






Show Panelists and Personalities:

Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police detective)

Joe Raulerson (retired police Sergeant)

David D'Agresta (retired police Officer and sheriff's Corporal)

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