MOTW #70: America

Nov. 10, 2020

Where are we and where are we going?

MOTW 69: My Journey, My Story

Sept. 22, 2020

Doc talks about Doc

MOTW #68: Back to Basics

Sept. 15, 2020

Doc talks about why you need to get back to the basics

MOTW #67: Performance vs Longevity

Sept. 8, 2020

Doc talks the difference between performance optimization and longevity optimization

MOTW #66: Green Beret Greg Stube

Aug. 4, 2020

Doc sits down with fellow Special Forces Medic Greg Stube

MOTW #65: "Stormtroopers"

July 30, 2020

Doc discusses the "Gestapo tactics" people are talking about

MOTW #64: Principles vs Techniques

July 21, 2020

Doc talks the difference between techniques and principles and why one may be more important than the other

MOTW #63: Wear Your Damn Mask

July 7, 2020

Doc talks COVID and the NYPD ban on combatives techniques

MOTW #63: Personal Responsibility

June 30, 2020

Doc talks about being responsible and accountable for your own failures

MOTW #62: The World is a Dumpster Fire

June 23, 2020

Doc goes over current events

MOTW #61: Vascular Neck Restraint (The "Choke Hold")

June 19, 2020

Doctor Sam Stellpflug joins the podcast to discus the science of "Blood chokes" and what to consider when evaluating their safety

MOTW #60: George Floyd Tragedy

June 1, 2020

Doc talks to veteran LEO Chad Lyman on what happened in the George Floyd tragedy

MOTW #59: Hydroxychloroquine

May 26, 2020

Doc talks COVID and summarizes the hydroxychloroquine data.

MOTW #58: "BJJ Cop" Jason Rebsch

May 12, 2020

Doc talks self defense with BJJ Black Belt Jason Rebsch

MOTW #57: Navy SEAL Will Chesney

May 7, 2020

Veteran of the Usama Bin Laden raid, K9 handler, and author, Will Chesney

MOTW #56: "Extraction" director Sam Hargrave

April 28, 2020

Doc reviews the Netflix film "Extraction" and interviews director Sam Hargrave

MOTW #55: Setting Goals

April 14, 2020

Doc talks about how to set and achieve your life goals

MOTW #54: BJJ for Self-defense with Blake Hayes

April 7, 2020

Doc talks self defense with BJJ black belt Blake Hayes

MOTW #53: UFC Lightweight Jim Miller

March 31, 2020

Doc talks to Jim Miller about fighting, hunting, farming, and current events.

MOTW #52: COVID Panel discussion

March 27, 2020

Doc Talks to Doctors Any Fisher and Josh Bobko about COVID

MOTW #51: Vehicle IFAK and COVID Update

March 24, 2020

Doc lays out what he has in his Jeep for first aid

MOTW #50: COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020

Doc talks numbers and what you should be doing at home

MOTW #49: Stop The Bleed

March 17, 2020

Doc sits down with Andy Fisher and Josh Bobko to talk stop the bleed/hemorrhage control

MOTW #48: Coronavirus

March 10, 2020

Doc talks COVID19