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Great podcast!

I love listening to Dr Mike Simpson. I am a orthopedic PA that works in trauma surgery. He does a great job in explaining medical concepts in a way untrained people can understand. I really like how he blends topics between medicine, military topics and various guests. All and all this is a great podcast for anyone interested in medicine, military, BJJ, and being man with a mindset of a warrior. Things I would like to see more of: more movie reviews, BBJ guests, an episode with Tim kennedy to discuss hunting hitler series, and a episode with Ryan Michler would be cool as I feel their podcasts have similar concepts minus the medical stuff.


Great ideas for open minded discussion. Keep it up

This is great

Great podcast , great guests and outstanding knowledge, I been listening this podcast when I walk with my dogs everyday, very looking forward always for the next topic Osssss SPC De Paoli

New Listener

As a retired “non special OPs” Army Doc who lives in the same town as you, I enjoy the show. We probably have lots of mutual friends. It would be great for you to have one of my personal heroes as a guest- COL Warner “Rocky” Farr.

Heck of a guy on and off the show!

I’m a fan of the show, even if he does only drop two episodes a year, and loved the book, outside of the canola oil stuff, but I do believe Mike does his homework, and will turn on that stuff soon. I emailed Mike and asked him to join me on my podcast, which I will refrain from shamelessly plugging, and to my shock, Mike was on last week, and despite me having to go out of town unexpectedly and having some technical difficulties on our end, Mike was so accommodating and generous, even calling us right back when we dropped his call! I was already a fan, and highly promote his book and show to our audience, but now I’m a diehard. Thanks, Doc!

#91 Fentanyl

Nice work on this episode and many others that I have listened to. I just attended a police training conference and learned a lot about this topic. With so much fentanyl being circulated in our community police will definitely be dealing with it more often. Hope everyone stays safe.

Sorry lost me on mandates

Mike, I love the podcast but a mandate is not a law. No one passed a forced vaccination law, OSHA does not have the authority to issue such order. It must come from legislation, that is passed and signed. Don’t get me started on the length of time it has taken to approve past vaccinations, this has been rushed with no long term peer reviewed trials. So much for a country founded on individual freedom.

Love this Pod!

Learned so much on EDC, situation awareness & real world tactics. From one vet to another, Thanks! Would love to hear a follow up to ep 92.

This is great

Great podcast , great guests and outstanding knowledge, I been listening this podcast when I walk with my dogs everyday, very looking forward always for the next topic Osssss SPC De Paoli

Favorite podcast!

My favorite podcast! Doc has become an online mentor for me by sharing his knowledge and philosophy on self-defense, fitness, health, dieting, saving lives, gun rights/control, medicine, movies, patriotism, even movie reviews (and the list goes on and on)! I look forward to every new episode!

Fantastic and a must listen

I love Mikes podcast. Great topics, discussion, guests and perspective from a true warrior. I also buy his Greybeard Performance supplements and love them.

A must listen to grow your mindset

Dr. Simpson brings out amazing guests who help you to grow your mindset. Highly recommend!

Such a blessing

Leaves nothing to be desired. He’s extremely rational and his social media is mesmerizing. Thankfully he lives by what he preaches as so few do.

Always stimulating

“Mind of a Warrior” is a great podcast to listen to whenever you’re looking to stimulate your mind and learn valuable information that might not always be easy to access! Highly recommend.

Outstanding! Except...

10 minutes of ad reads is just outrageous in my humble opinion.

Enjoyable topics

Always enjoyable to listen to the topics that are covered by Dr. Simpson. His analysis and understanding of the topics is impressive and even more impressive is how he presents that to listeners

A Positive, Proactive Message for the Leader in You

Dr. Simpson has become a positive and challenging voice in my life to step up and get after it. I have found the combined message in the podcasts of no nonsense practicality blended with encouragement and transparency to be something I come back to time again. Been listening for several years now and can’t get enough!

Recently discovered

I recently discovered this podcast and love it. I am a retired 5th group guy and miss have conversations with my SF brothers. This podcast is like listening to a really smart 18D in the team room over beers.

Great Poscast

Great show as usual.

I love the podcast, but....

I love your show, but brother you have to stop drinking next to the mic and smacking your lips. Please!

The go to podcast

This is my go to podcast, always something relevant. Nutrition, exercise, self defense and more, it’s all broken down to the who, what, when, where and why. Keep them coming!!

Awesome ... For The Most Part

This dude smacks after EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE... When you’re listening through headphones it sounds like somebody’s mouth is up on your ear smacking. Annoyed me enough to change the channel. Otherwise, awesome content....

Awesome Podcast!!!

Mike, host of the Mind of The Warrior podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement, leadership and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


Great podcast. glad the worlds got dudes like you.

Conservative Millennial

It’s so refreshing to hear from like minded people who see the world for what it is. I love this podcast! Keep fighting the good fight brothers!

Excellent Podcast

Doc Simpson gives an accurate, conservative, down to earth view on the military world, and real life society . He discusses on his podcasts real life situations that effect our everyday life. I highly recommend this podcast ! Navy BM1

Great Podcast

Great inspirational podcast give it a listen.

Combat hand to hand

Great show about martial combat if all kinds

Vet Approved

Fellow vet podcaster here, awesome stuff you got going on here.

Amazing SHOW

Warriors, fighters, entrepreneurs, anyone wanting to overcome or succeed will love this show!! Highly recommend