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Favorite podcast!

My favorite podcast! Doc has become an online mentor for me by sharing his knowledge and philosophy on self-defense, fitness, health, dieting, saving lives, gun rights/control, medicine, movies, patriotism, even movie reviews (and the list goes on and on)! I look forward to every new episode!

Fantastic and a must listen

I love Mikes podcast. Great topics, discussion, guests and perspective from a true warrior. I also buy his Greybeard Performance supplements and love them.

A must listen to grow your mindset

Dr. Simpson brings out amazing guests who help you to grow your mindset. Highly recommend!

Such a blessing

Leaves nothing to be desired. He’s extremely rational and his social media is mesmerizing. Thankfully he lives by what he preaches as so few do.

Always stimulating

“Mind of a Warrior” is a great podcast to listen to whenever you’re looking to stimulate your mind and learn valuable information that might not always be easy to access! Highly recommend.

Outstanding! Except...

10 minutes of ad reads is just outrageous in my humble opinion.

Enjoyable topics

Always enjoyable to listen to the topics that are covered by Dr. Simpson. His analysis and understanding of the topics is impressive and even more impressive is how he presents that to listeners

A Positive, Proactive Message for the Leader in You

Dr. Simpson has become a positive and challenging voice in my life to step up and get after it. I have found the combined message in the podcasts of no nonsense practicality blended with encouragement and transparency to be something I come back to time again. Been listening for several years now a…

Recently discovered

I recently discovered this podcast and love it. I am a retired 5th group guy and miss have conversations with my SF brothers. This podcast is like listening to a really smart 18D in the team room over beers.

Great Poscast

Great show as usual.

I love the podcast, but....

I love your show, but brother you have to stop drinking next to the mic and smacking your lips. Please!

The go to podcast

This is my go to podcast, always something relevant. Nutrition, exercise, self defense and more, it’s all broken down to the who, what, when, where and why. Keep them coming!!

Awesome ... For The Most Part

This dude smacks after EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE... When you’re listening through headphones it sounds like somebody’s mouth is up on your ear smacking. Annoyed me enough to change the channel. Otherwise, awesome content....

Awesome Podcast!!!

Mike, host of the Mind of The Warrior podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement, leadership and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


Great podcast. glad the worlds got dudes like you.

Conservative Millennial

It’s so refreshing to hear from like minded people who see the world for what it is. I love this podcast! Keep fighting the good fight brothers!

Excellent Podcast

Doc Simpson gives an accurate, conservative, down to earth view on the military world, and real life society . He discusses on his podcasts real life situations that effect our everyday life. I highly recommend this podcast ! Navy BM1

Great Podcast

Great inspirational podcast give it a listen.

Combat hand to hand

Great show about martial combat if all kinds

Vet Approved

Fellow vet podcaster here, awesome stuff you got going on here.

Amazing SHOW

Warriors, fighters, entrepreneurs, anyone wanting to overcome or succeed will love this show!! Highly recommend

Simply Superior

Doc Simpson keeps you honest with yourself. Just when I am about to slack off, Doc covers a topic or has a guest that makes me reenergize and prioritize my efforts. He is passionate and provides valued info about self-defense, our 2A, first responder medical care, fitness, health, diet... all the…

Just what we need!

Love the podcast. I appreciate so much Dr. Simpson’s perspective on living, health, fitness, self defense, politics etc... After each podcast I am always left thinking about the subject in a new way or different perspective, but more than that I am left with a variety of actions to take to improve …

Great podcast!

I am a fairly new listener to the podcast and started back at episode 1. It’s great listening whether driving to work or out for a run. Great information but also feels like a semi-personal conversation as much of the subject content hits home in terms of mindset and some pseudo related experiences…

The best!

One of my favorite things about this podcast is when Mike smacks his lips while drinking his beverages. It really lets the audience know that he is staying hydrated. Keep up the good work mike!

Edit out

The mouth noises are over exagerated when recorded. If I am sitting in the same room with you, I cant hear your mouth and throat noises, but when your recording and then its on ou rspeakers, its kinda gross to hear all the mouth noises. Its equivelant to a person placing thier mouth in close proxim…

Mind of the warrior

HUGE fan of the the show! It would be awesome if you guys did and episode on MEPS. It would help out us new recruits. On What to expect and how to be physically ready for it. Thanks for sharing your powerful knowledge! Cheers!

Great podcast

Really recommend, has been very helpful. I listen to it while doing work or cooking, and I really enjoy it. Also cool to hear from a doctor since I’m trying to become one myself

Great podcast.

The host is not only knowledgeable but extremely articulate.

!00% real and relevant!

Such a good podcast. It runs the gammut in topics but such a diverse group of hosts and topics makes this a must listen. VERY real world info and Doc's analysis on Jitz, life, and all things medical always prove impressive. SDP podcast has become a staple during my weeks. A well rounded podcast…


Doc Mike Simpson speaks the truth even if it hurts you. Love this guy and he’s changed my life.

Awesome pod cast

Great pod cast my favorite by far. I listen to Others but this is by far my favorite!!!!

Great advice from Mike and Tim! Keep it up guys

Great advice from Mike and Tim! Keep it up guys

Very informative

From newbie to seasoned sheepdog you’ll learn a lot.

Great job!!

Man you guys are doing a fantastic job on the podcast. Listening to podcast has opened my mind up to more ideas and knowledge areas. Doc and Tim seem like they would enjoy hanging out with me as much as I would them. Listening to yalls podcast gives me great info on my diet, exercise and my Bjj tra…

Sunday show.

Enjoyed the jackmandaville show. Great listening to the stories and opinions of both you guys. Listened to podcast on Labor Day 2018.


I first discovered the podcast from the Drinking Bros: First Responders page. As a paramedic student I listened to the episode on Tactical EMS. After that I was hooked. This podcast brings up topics from my military days and plays into things I see in EMS as well as revitalized my fitness and nutri…

True Class!

Not only is the podcast inspiring, insightful, and informative, listening to Doc Mike Simpson’s and Toby Nunn’s discussion about Veterans and Veteran organization demonstrates the caliber of men they are! I does not go unnoticed how each of them speak with honor and reverence in their voices when t…


I have attended the civilian, Law Enforcement and SOTEC courses with Sheepdog Response. Listening to the podcast reminds me of all the little things I need to be doing on a daily basis. Keep it coming guys! I love hearing about the subtle things like evading a car that is potentially following you,…

Stand by

To get some.

Real Knowledge

Both Tim and Doc have the real world expereince that you would want to discuss these topics. Love to listen just to keep current on what I can do to protect myself, family and potentially others. I've learned a lot from this podcast.


Absolutely love this podcast. Mike and Tim are not only professionals but incredible people. I learn so much from this podcast. Not just about firearms or sotec information but about life. It’s an incredible podcast and I hope they continue this for an indefinite amount of time. Unbelievable inform…

Need more podcasts!

When will you guys put out more podcasts?! It’s been a while!

Where you at?

Great podcast! Hope to see more episodes soon

Field Manual simplicity for a layman to comprehend

The “Substance Matters” experts of the Sheepdog Response hosts are freaking awesome at delivering no nonsense info and opinion on what caring people need to do to protect themselves and others in today’s world. People of integrity delivering the goods that are needed. Can’t wait for more!


Two men who kicked terrorist arse & 1 also curb stomped Michael Bisping, what more could you ask for!?

Great podcast

Listen from the beginning. Great information great interviews. Thank you for the great stuff!


Listening to this podcast will not only inspire you but it may also save your life one day for not only you but your friends and family.


Common sense, intelligence, information and fun rolled all into one. Thank you. You guys are great to listen to. I’ve learned a lot and laughed more than I should while driving.

Great Podcast

Tim and Doc never disappoint. Each episode leaves you with something to put into action that will make a better protector.

Binged from the episode 00!

This is a straight forward podcast with interviews of interesting and relevant guest to those who are getting after it! Tim is a great addition. I greatly appreciate both points of view. Right now is the best time for you to start crushing the weakness in your life.

The best there is

One of the absolute best and informative podcasts out there. Tim and Doc have definitely outdone themselves with this podcast. If you're not actively listening to Tim and Doc, you're just wrong and need to fix yourself.


If you want to step up your personal "sheepdogness" (just made that word up) you've found the right podcast.

Fantastic Info

Doc and Tim never disappoint. Always great content with practical ideas you can use in everyday life. Doc's earlier podcasts about MMA and Wounded Warriors give insight into true struggles and success by the warriors he interviewed. I really like the health, wellness, and fitness podcasts. Keep up…

Thank You...

Thank you for your service! Your message, along with Jocko, Andy Stumpf, and Marcus Luttrell are exactly what our country needs to hear at this time in our nations history. Learning lessons from our past, being accountable and holding others accountable, and inspiring stories in the face of insurm…


If you are going to spend time listening to ANY podcast besides mine(8192 The Truth) make it th Sheepdog Project! If you are a man and want answers,want direction, WANT INSPIRATION on how to be a better man, a stronger man, a man who can just be a better asset to all those in his life.... listen to…

As was expected

Good stuff.

Very informative!

This is an awesome podcast with plenty of information. Dr Mike Simpson and Tim Kennedy does a great job telling you about different topic related to anyone who wants to better themselves to be the best at helping other people and yourself. Love listening to these guys and getting a glimpse of their…

Reference Episode 11

SSssoooo Doc what you and Tim are saying is that by me living my mantra of "I carry a gun is because I'm to old to fight, and too fat to run" is bullscheisse? ;) But I have so much invested in size 40 waist pants....... *sigh fine* Really enjoying the pod, I appreciate the work that goes into it.

Practical Security Without Tinfoil Hats

I just discovered The Sheepdog Project a couple of weeks ago and have listened to episodes virtually non-stop. As a retired combat arms Army officer with multiple combat deployments, Mike and Tim gained my attention by amplifying realities I know to be true. I've had the fortune of witnessing the d…

Law Enforcement Must Have

Great podcasts. Information that will keep everyone safe and go home at the end of the day. Keep it up.

Inspiring and informational

I am a civilian that also fills the role of a sheepdog for myself, my family and my community. Dr. Mike and Tim have the exact knowledge and life experience of a person that I want to learn from. Not a screen jockey that learened it from youtube. I definitely look forward to listening to these epis…


As a police officer this podcast is refreshing! Half of my own profession doesn't even follow basic aspects of the warrior mindset. The motivation coming from Tim and Doc gets me through my drive in to the gym every morning. Keep it going fellas!

Better yourself

This is a must listen to podcast if you want to improve yourself in many levels.


I listen to Jocko and Tim Ferriss and now Dr Mike. My only complaint is trying to keep up with all the knowledge that is available can be difficult. I am two months behind on episodes. This podcast is a must listen to. Definitely with your time!

Outstanding podcast!

I look forward to every episode! Excellent content!

Great podcast

I look forward to this podcast every week, the experience that Tim and Doc bring to the show is great. This past one, about home defense, was eye opening and has caused me to make som changes Ronny castle. Keep up the good work guys!

Excellent Listening

Love this podcast. Started listening when they rebranded and it became Doc Simpson and Tim Kennedy. It truly is something everyone should listen too. This podcast really helps put things into perspective. I even started taking BJJ after listening to expand my training. If you are a veteran, LEO, fi…


I loved watching Hunting Hitler. I found this podcast and started listening after your third podcast. Within a week I was caught up to your most recent podcast. Excellent information. Keep up the good work.

Best podcast out there

Every new episode gets me excited to hear what knowledge these dudes have to drop on me. They constantly are talking about pushing yourself and taking that next step in whatever discipline you do. Great motivation

Dr Mike, Hey the whole Gang:)

Nice to know that I'm not alone in my thinking! The information and the willingness to share with anyone who will hear:) I just dont have enough words! I do thank you guys for doing what you do!!!

Sheepdog Movement

These guys are leading a movement of empowerment for Americans, and really all people. Love the content they put out, and can't wait to jump into one of their civilian trainings. Keep up the good work Men.


Just found the podcast. I'm a flight medic in AK and last summer took a TECC class and am so thankful for it! Glad to find a podcast of this type.


If you're looking at all to get on track with your health, you NEED to listen to this podcast!!

Sanity for oath keepers

In a world gone mad, Dr. Simpson delivers great information and entertainment without all the usual feel good SJW LOL OMG exaggeration BS. A platform for the few remaining guardians of all that is good and decent. Thank you Mike


First podcast episode I listened to by Mike Simpson was on health. I've got to say, I learned some new things, heard things i already do/will continue to do, & opened my mind to different ideas of living life. Definitely worth the listen. Thanks Mike.

Thank you

Listening to "And So It Begins" right now. Loving it. Series of small choices is so true. Back in September I decided I was tired of weighing 300 lbs. (I am 6'7", so I can carry some extra weight, but this was enough). I committed to eating better. The Wild Diet by Abel James really clicked wi…

YES It's For the Ladies Too!

I am just a mere mortal and I'm always inspired by the topics and how they share their knowledge in such an inspiring way - makes you want to be the best version of yourself!!! I appreciate the dedication to reach and teach EVERYONE!!

5+ Stars

I cant get enough of this podcast, and. now that Dr Simpson is retired from the service, its only going to get better. Im excited about the The Sheepdog Project and what its going to bring to the table. I have always admired Tim Kennedy and now I have another platform to learn from him. Keep up the…


Truly inspirational


Dr. Simpson shares his great wealth of knowledge in medicine and being a warrior. He always has an interesting story to tell and I always look forward to new episodes being released.


A podcast to make oneself better and stronger. One to help take the target off their backs and protect those that have a target on theirs. Thank you.

New Favorite Podcast

Unbelievable content. Thanks guys.

Very informative, engaging, motivating.

Well spoken intelligent guys who are engaging and easy to listen to. Thanks!

Get Some!

It doesn't matter if you are Military, former Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighter, or a Patriot Citizen, you are the Sheepdog, this podcast is for you! Mr. Kennedy and Dr. Simpson are engaging and passionate and will make you want to get after it and make a difference. After listening to t…

Great listen

As always, it's great to get to hear some sheepdogs talk about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

Informative and motivating

What a great way to start off my week!! This podcast is going to part of my routine.

Tim is the man of all men

Its an honor anytime i get to listen to tim talk!! Pumped for his podcast

This is well worth your time

This is an amazing podcast. If you like great advice, conversation, and stories from guys who have been there and done that, you will love this show. Doctor Mike and Tim Kennedy are two strong voices who have plenty of experience as sheepdogs and strong lessons to pass along. If you ARE a sheepdog …

Foundational lessons from real/pure Warfighters!

The expansive knowledge base of Dr. Simpson and Tim Kennedy is most impressive! The easy listening breakdown for those at all levels will better all that tune in and download! These are men that not only have unparalleled "Knowledge of" but they also hold "Acquaintance with! Thanks for making this …


Great information essential to all warriors 👊🏼

Obviously a labor of love.

Neither of us are meant to be podcast production experts. But we have a lot of information that has to be shared. Deployments between the two of us in the "dozens" category. Countless gun fights, hundreds of fistfights, every mistake someone could make has been made between the two of us. Don't mak…

Trust me, Tim Kennedy's fingers have penetrated me.

I just listened to the first episode of the Sheepdog Project podcast. A number of people have contacted me asking what the course was all about and why they should attend. Well this is a great way to gain insight into what Sheepdog Response course is about. You'll hear from Mike Simpson a Special F…


Love the the topics and guests on this podcast! I'm a little behind but I'm catching up fast! I can't wait for more episodes.


Just listened to my my first podcast. Loved it ! Accountability is key to a happy and healthy life 👍🏻

Incredible Podcast

I am a current PA student, grappling practitioner, and fitness fanatic. I love learning from Dr. Mike Simpson and all of his fascinating guests. I hold a lot of the same values as him and listening to this podcast helps me through life with a better outlook. I highly recommend this podcast to anyon…

Men must subscribe

High-yield podcast. Highly informative, concentrated info. I'm in the process of binge-listening to this podcast. Wide variety of topics, covered succinctly and well. Best 'bang for your buck' from a free podcast.

Great podcast

I really enjoy the podcast. Honestly I skip most of the MMA talks but love the physiology/psychology stuff and the military interviews. Keep up the good work and thanks for your continued service.

Excellent material

At a point in my life after losing my oldest son trying to find myself again, Dr Mike Simpson has helped fill my daily void while on the road traveling my terriotories. Thank you Doc for awakening the warrior inside again. DOL

Don't miss this!

Have you ever had a driveway moment? You've gotten home, but you're still sitting in your truck listening to insightful, provocative, thoughtful conversation? That's what Dr. Simpson delivers with these excellent podcasts. Episode 03 is my favorite!