May 25, 2021

MORNING ROLL CALL | Be like a rubber band | 072

MORNING ROLL CALL | Be like a rubber band | 072

On The Blue Line Podcast

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MORNING ROLL CALL | Be Like a Rubber Band | Episode 072


Sorry for the poorer audio quality. I am experimenting with recording in a variety of settings in order to get more episodes out to you faster. I hope you enjoy the content, and I will strive to perfect this audio quality going forward.


In this episode I discuss:


  • This week, I tell my story again to give you an idea of why I started the On The Blue Line Podcast. I talk about recent trainings I had the opportunity to instruct at and discuss the importance of resiliency.




After the episode:

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On The Blue Line was founded and is operated by active-duty law enforcement to fulfill the mission of providing guidance, resources and community for law enforcement officers, first responders, and military personal in their off-duty lives.