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Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Meaningful and Valuable

Although I am not the demographic for this show, I like the content that Wayne shares as it can apply to others beyond the front line service members. Great job and what a lovely tribute to your friend Kevin.

Very good show!

Love these insights this is definitely on my subscribe list, highly recommended!

Great show for first responders!

This show is a fun listen for anyone who is a front line service member. The host, Wayne, gives great and actionable insights to help you live a better and more fulfilled life — both in and outside of work.


I wasn’t sure if I would care for this podcast, but the Thanksgiving episode had a really interesting history lesson that highlighted the importance of gratitude both today and since the country’s origins.

The inner loves of the people that protect & serve

As someone who enjoys listening to true crime podcasts typically I was really interested to check this podcast out. It offers insight into the inner lives of the people that protect and serve.

Research and Openness

I was looking for a podcast to research police officers for a novel I am writing. This one showed up and I gave it a close listen on the most recent Christmas episode. I felt like it very accurately portrayed some members of the police community and helped me fill in my research quite nicely.

A Needed Message

As someone who works supporting law enforcement I absolutely love this podcast! Positive messaging for first responders is difficult to find these days, except for here. If you are a first responder or are first responder adjacent, this is the podcast you’re looking for.

Ready for the Book Now

I really want to read the book. I think America needs to do a tech detox. Maybe we could all get along again. Interesting material. Well presented by the author and well prepared by the host

The Whole Person Approach to Law Enforcement

I love that Wayne’s show is geared towards officers in law enforcement. He does not just share professional advice, opinions and trends. Wayne also provides insights on how officers can find balance between working a hard profession and having a personal life filled with healthy family relationships and leaving a legacy.

Important conversations for everyone

While it’s geared towards first responders, the conversations in this show are important and good for everyone. Real conversations about balancing work and home life and how to live life to the fullest today.

Important messages for target audience

Wayne very clearly marks a thick blue line of topics and trends around law enforcement and first responders. He intelligently discusses mental health stigmas, training challenges, perception issues and offers a sympathetic voice to the cause backing the blue. The combination monologue and interview style is refreshing and keeps it crisp.

Super important topic

Thank you for bringing this important topic to the podcast world. I especially appreciated the episode on smashing stigma. Keep up the great work!


Appreciate the reminder to remain grateful, even in times of turmoil. Well done show!

Can’t miss conversation

Great podcast with insightful discussions. A must listen.

A Must-Listen Podcast

Wayne has a great podcast -definitely a must-listen. He has discussed perspectives that have caused me to reflect on my own career, remember things/influences I had completely forgotten about and his discussions will aid your overall well-being, both on and off the job. As a host, Wayne has a wonderful conversational style, and time spent as a guest on his podcast will fly by quickly because he is so easy to talk with.

A Must Listen

So much great information, don’t past this one up. Keep up the great work

Father’s Day Episode

I thought your recent Father’s Day episode was great. Your son brought some great insight for the children of LEOs and for LEOs families some really good info. I bet it was fun to interview your son.

Great Podcast , great guests, and great content

If you’re looking for Useful information, intentional subject matter, and an engagement that is meaningful enough for you to invest your precious time into....look no further! Wayne Mulder, the host, provides insight and encouragement while discussing real world stories and events, and their impact on citizens, LE, and other first responders. Additionally, the show has Great guests , many of them are men and women who’ve fought for our country, having served in the military. Those guests share their experience, the value is then carefully distilled, extracted, and articulated to help the listener in a simple, clear, and effective manner. Most guests have some type of first responder background. The value of information encapsulates a much broader audience than just those groups mentioned above, as each episode comes around to a point where anyone listening, whether it’s your average civilian wanting to broaden they’re knowledge base, or a veteran of LE w/ a military background, you’ll be qualified to enjoy the content by listening to On The Blue Line. Demand for understanding is often fulfilled, and finding a point of view different than what’s heard in the mainstream media is very common, a breath of fresh air it certainly is. Regular Joes can find themselves resonating with the content of any given episode. The topic at hand is just that, a topic, but the message and value behind it....priceless. OTBL gives you an opportunity to hear from those men and women who display real virtues, like prudence and fortitude, but missing from them is any desire to signal that virtuous behavior to the rest of the world, and instead their inspirational stories and efforts offer encouragement, while their actions and behavior are continually put on display for the world to see. Most of the time we see their actions on some form of ‘news’, unfairly interpreted and ridiculed for you and everyone else to see and hear. This shameful practice has been undertaken by many of those so called journalists occupying a space in our current media. Not all of them, but many of them, are unable to hide the commitment to their ideology, having adopted a mindset that keeps them stuck within a narrative that is blind to reality, and their writing is at best boringly predictable, a signature trait of any real ideologue. BWC are becoming a widespread agency policy for many working in LE. You’ll discover that most LEO’s and guests on this show are simply acting on a passionate desire to serve their community, remaining committed for all the right reasons. The overwhelming majority step up to the plate, willing to make a selfless sacrifice, while continually walking that line, righteously fighting the current counter LE culture while maintaining the courage to keep the balance between chaos and order. Keeping the peace, and maintaining order, while serving and protecting those who need it most. Current LE professionals are fulfilling the duty they behold responsibly, and have been for a long time. The mistakes and shortcomings of LE are acknowledged by the host, but what those really are might surprise you, and what you’re told they are, is only that, what you're told. If you’re ok with that, then you’ve likely got some things to work out, and this would be a good place for you to start. .... Media and mainstream news will edit and cut a video, so you see part of what happened, instead of what happened, so without the first hand experience and knowledge, how do you really know what’s going on? Well, Here’s a chance for you to find out, you or any other any listener. Regardless of a persons background they can find themselves immersed in the discussion at hand, integrating themselves into a real world example, something often used by Wayne Mulder, the host, who is providing valuable thoughts and insights from his experience on a daily basis. The host is active duty law enforcement, and provides thoughtful insight from reality on the road (reality in general) and its impact on daily life for LE, Military, first responders, and the citizens within the broader community he serves. ***** On The Blue Line is a great way to start or end your day, providing encouraging words, thoughts , and insight to topics you’re more than likely somewhat familiar with.

I was a guest

This is a great podcast. If you’re here, you already know that. But, I had the opportunity to be a guest on the show, and whenever that happened, you get to know the heart of the host. I can tell you that Wayne really cares about the audience and is doing everything he can to make each episode valuable for the listeners! A+ 👍🏻👍🏻

Behind and Beyond the Badge

As a retired law enforcement officer I fully support what Wayne is trying to build here. His podcasts are relevant, informative, thought provoking and above all, for me, positive. They’re a good listen for those who are retired but still bleed blue, for those currently doing the job, for those just beginning their career and for those who are contemplating a career in law enforcement. Good job, keep doing what you’re doing!


As someone who wants to go into law enforcement, I truly appreciate the perspective of a veteran officer. I also appreciate that Wayne encourages off duty aspects of life as well, because being a law enforcement officer is not the sole purpose of life, but an aspect of who a person is. I am excited to see where this goes and to have a “lifeline”, so to speak, once I am on the job to serve as a reminder to nurture all aspects of my life. Thank you for starting this podcast!

Love your message!

Thank you for putting yourself out there. You have a great perspective on the issues in the daily lives of first responders. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Setting the tone for the week

Encouraging - by definition is : To inspire with hope To give support To stimulate Your podcast checks all these boxes for me. I thoroughly enjoy your topics, the style in which you present them, and the closing remarks. I find myself pondering these stories as I sit having coffee with my husband. It’s a great way to start the day. Thank you for wanting to encourage us, to share positive events that make a difference , and keep us in the present.

Love the heart and great topic!

Really appreciate the hosts heart..

Support those in blue!!

I am not in law enforcement but have family that is. I have seen what the job can do to them and this podcast gives me a little insight to what the job really entails and I love the positive message this show puts out!

Weight of the badge

Really enjoyed this. I can use this kind of encouragement and apply to myself and others. Good to remember why we even started something when it’s so difficult, you lose the why. I will listen to more of these. Also looking forward to where Wayne takes us next.


Those who walk in the face of danger are a special kind of person, love this podcast and where it is going

Nice job Wayne!

Way to go on the Podcast brother!