April 1, 2019

The heaviness of the badge | Monday Morning Roll Call | 003

The heaviness of the badge | Monday Morning Roll Call | 003

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Welcome to Monday Morning Roll Call | Episode 003

A new Monday Morning Roll Call is released every Monday Morning and provides a short overview format of issues that matter to you and provides encouragement for the week ahead. 

In this episode:

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  • We discuss the recent tragic line of duty deaths of Illinois State Troopers and these senseless tragedies that could have been avoided. 

In Memory: 

Trooper Brooke Jones- Story, End of Watch March 28, 2019. 

Trooper Gerald Ellis, End of Watch March 30, 2019.

To these Troopers, We want to Thank each of you for your service and dedication, rest in peace, we have the watch from here.

  • We discuss George Strait’s new Album, Honkey Tonk Time Machine and more specifically the concept around the song, The weight of the badge. 
  • We talk about the difference between the actual weight of the badge and the perceived weight of the badge. 
  • We consider the negative ways that the badge can get heavier and positive ways that we can react towards it.
  • Finally, we layout the concept of ROE: Reflect, Orient, and Execute. As a way to deal with the negative effects of law enforcement on our personal lives as a way of combating losing oneself to the job.  

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