July 5, 2019

#22 Scott Wagner (Part 1)

#22 Scott Wagner (Part 1)
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Scott F. Wagner has more than 39 years experience as a professional investigator, and hostage negotiator, solving criminal cases of murder and narcotics trafficking to civil cases of insurance fraud and property theft. In his 23 years with the New York City Police Department, Scott advanced from a housing project beat cop to detective, earning a promotion into the elite Manhattan North Homicide Squad, as well as the Hostage Negotiation Team. Scott was a first responder to the 1993 WTC bombing, as well as to 9/11. Scott has earned numerous awards and commendations during his law enforcement career. He is regarded as an expert in Hostage Negotiations and at cracking “cold cases”, where the passage of time lessens the chance for justice. In his career, Scott has solved 95% of all his cases while maintaining a 100% conviction rate, - a clearance rate among the highest in the NYPD. He’s also a skilled hostage negotiator, adept at handling emergencies of all types. While a member of the NYPD’s dignitary protection unit and later as a private eye, Scott has guarded and planned security for VIPs ranging from heads of state to “Hip Hop” celebrities. Scott has headed up security operations for one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the City of New York-with assets over $4.5 billion dollars. He’s been featured in documentaries, (Most recently Lifetime channel’s “Faith Under Fire), books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles, TV shows “The Shopping Cart Killer” & Murder by the book with Linda Fairstein, for his work helping to catch a serial killer & rapist who preyed on young girls in East Harlem. Scott has also been sought out and interviewed for several internet magazines in regards to his expertise as a hostage negotiator. Scott has worked as a law enforcement technical advisor on three television shows as well as two novels. 

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