Nov. 8, 2019

#40 Jim Molloy Pt. 2

#40 Jim Molloy Pt. 2
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James Molloy served in the NYPD for 24 years. His last 10 as Detective Squad Commander responsible for thousands of investigations.  His career started in the Transit Police for the first few years before he lateral transferred to the NYPD where he served in a variety of patrol assignments.

As a Lt. he went to the Detective Bureau and became a Lieutenant Commander Detective Squad. As Squad Commander he commanded the 24, 19, 7, and 9th Squads.   Jim also volunteers his time with POPPA as a trained Peer Support Officer. He helps NYPD officers in need who call this independent organizations confidential help line.

When he was assigned the 19th Squad he began volunteering with a charity that helps children and their families that have come to NYC for treatment for rare pediatric cancers. He now works for the same charity since retiring helping them spread awareness of its mission.

Jim lives in Westchester with his two sons. He is also an avid martial artist who enjoys driving his classic Mustang and riding his Harley on a hot day.

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