Feb. 14, 2020

#53 Tim Gansrow Pt. 2

#53 Tim Gansrow Pt. 2

A retired NYPD/FBI Task Force Supervisor, Sergeant Timothy Gansrow was a Medal for Valor recipient and served with distinction during a twenty-year career that took him from a patrolman in Midtown Manhattan to a leader protecting the City from murderers, cartels, the mob, and terrorists. As a 9/11 first responder, he spent months at Ground Zero, where he contracted cancer, lost his partner, but solidified eternal bonds with his colleagues and the New York City community.

Serving your fellow man is one of the noblest ways to find life’s fulfillment. Those who choose a path in service to others can obtain their goals through a myriad of career paths. This is especially true for Timothy Gansrow, who combined his passion in law enforcement and his love of teaching baseball. In his youth, he escaped his abusive upbringing and constant uprooting by channeling his energies into his love of athletics and his burning desire to protect those he felt couldn't protect themselves.

His passion for baseball earned him an athletic scholarship where he excelled as a player. He left college after his junior year to chase his life long dream of becoming a major league baseball player. When his size and skill set had taken him as a far as he could go and his time as a player had come to an end, he pursued his other life long dream of becoming a New York City Police Officer.

Throughout the entirety of his law enforcement career, whether tracking down some of the regions most hardened criminals along with the countless hours spent refining his craft in private security to building his own security firms, he never strayed far from his love of “The Game”.

Whether coaching in college or on the streets of the city where he served his community, he could invariably be found mentoring young athletes in the game he loved.  Tim so desperately wanted to share his love of the game with others in hopes that they might have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of their selves.

Tim lives in Western North Carolina with his loving and ever supportive wife Tracy of nearly thirty years. Tracy is an accomplished artist and her work can be found throughout entirety of the east coast.

Tim and Tracy have three children. Their eldest, Connor, is a 2017 USMA West Point Graduate and is currently a 1st Lieutenant in the Army. He was most recently the recipient of the U.S. Army Ranger School’s Honor Grad. Their son Dylan is a 2018 Academic All-American and is currently a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and pursuing a degree in accounting. Their daughter Kaitlyn is in her sophomore year in Chapel Hill an is actively pursuing her goal of becoming a Neo-natal nurse so that she too, can live a life in service to others.

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