March 6, 2020

#56 Dave Hunt Pt. 1

#56 Dave Hunt Pt. 1

Dave Hunt had the good sense to be born on Fort Washington Ave, just north of Inwood in Washington Heights. He was raised in Inwood.

Dave entered the food and beverage industry as a student at Fordham University starting at a world famous nightclub in Greenwich Village, “Your Father’s Mustache “.

50 years later, after stints at Jimmy Day’s on West 4thSt. and Pete’s Tavern on Gramercy Park, Dave is the owner of Coogan’s Restaurant in Washington Heights. His partners are Peter Walsh and Tess McDade .

Originally Coogan’s was located in the confines of the 34 Precinct but later after the civil disturbances of 1992, the precinct was split and Coogan’s now resides in the confines of the 33 precinct.

Coogan’s has long been a centrally located meeting spot for law enforcement especially for NYPD commands in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx.

Having hosted many retirement and promotion parties, Dave now drives to and from wearing a Manhattan North sweatshirt emblazoned with a NYPD shield sewn into the shirt with the name Coogan’s where a shield number should be! Dave is a slow driver and has not had to seek a professional courtesy.

Dave is a married father of 3 with 2 grandchildren!

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