March 20, 2020

#58 Walter Wasilewski Pt. 1

#58 Walter Wasilewski Pt. 1
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Served twenty years in Law Enforcement, but only eleven of those years were assigned to the "streets" of the of NYC. The rest of those years were prior non active law enforcement, physical injury  and personal commitments/hardships which kept him off the streets. During those eleven years on the street, Walter made just short of 1,200 arrests and assisted approximately 3,000 additional arrests. Notable arrests/seizures: 130 loaded firearms, (including several machine-guns), $200,000 United States Currency, hundreds of pounds of marijuana, cocaine, crack and heroin. Involved in 5 shootings, made 5 bribery arrests, (one of which netter over $100,000).

Please note the average Cop is required a target of making 2 arrests a year, Walter averaged over 100 a year. The average Cop has between 2 and 5 medals after 20 years, Walter retired with just short of 200 medals, making him the "most decorated at the rank of Police Officer" in the history of the New York City Police Department.

1    Exceptional Merit
8    Commendations
32   Meritorious Police Duty
147  Excellent Police Duty

1994 Unit Citation
1998 Unit Citation
2005 Unit Citation

2004 American Police Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award
2004 NYPD Commissioners Certificate of Excellence Award
2003 Citation of Merit Bronx Borough Presidents Office
2003 Bronx County Officer of the Year Award
1999 NYPD 46th Precinct Cop of the Month
1995 NYPD 46th Precinct Cop of the Month
1991 Inducted into the NYPD Honor Legion
1991 Patrolman's Benevolent Association Cop of the Month
1991 New York City & Westchester County Shields Cop of the Month
1990 NYPD 46th Precinct Cop of the Month

Currently work in executive protection, (Movie, TV, Broadway, political  etc). Run two web pages dedicated to NYPD Valor, (Beyond the Line of and on Facebook NYPD Valor. Highlighting arrests/awards/recues  NYPD Officers.

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