May 8, 2020

#65 Thomas Hovagim Pt. 2

#65 Thomas Hovagim Pt. 2
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Detective 1st grade Thomas Hovagim was born in Nyack NY. He was sworn in the NYPD on January 20, 1987. His police career was vast and varied. Fresh out of the academy he was assigned to Neighborhood Stabilization Unit (NSU) 5 which covered the 24,26,30 and 34pct. After 6 months he moved on and in January 1988 was assigned to the 034pct which at the time was one of the deadliest precincts in the city. While on patrol he racked up numerous arrests, many of which were for guns and drugs. While still in uniform as a rookie cop he was involved in a shooting where numerous shots were fired. A few year later while still in the 34Pct, he was assigned to the elite plain cloths anti-crime unit where he continued to take numerous guns off the street and was involved in another shooting.  After three years in anti crime, he was transferred to the 019Pct Detective SQD. where he investigated many news worthy robberies, burglaries and homicides. In January of 1998, he was promoted to detective 3rd grade. As a rookie detective he caught one of the most infamous cases the city had ever seen, the disappearance later turned homicide of Irene Silverman. Because of his arrest activity and investigative skills, he was promoted to Detective 2nd grade in 2005 and three years later he was  promoted to the prestigious rank of  Detective 1st grade, where he continued to be a very active Detective.
Det. Hovagim retired in May of 2011 to take a job with the 154 year old Harvard Club of NYC where he became the Clubs first Director of Security.  He currently lives at home in Rockland county with his 20 years old triplet boys.

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