May 22, 2020

#66 Louis Anemone Pt. 1

#66 Louis Anemone Pt. 1

Louis Anemone’s police career is a true testament to the American dream. He rose from humble beginnings growing up in the Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn to become the Chief of Department.  He started out at the age of 18 as a police trainee and retired at the age of 53 as the highest ranking uniformed member of the service. Along the way Chief Anemone earned a reputation as a tough police commander who respected his cops and always backed them when they were right, and disciplined them when they were wrong. He earned the respect of patrol cops on the street, where he exceled. His reputation as a tough but fair boss followed him throughout his career.  

 Chief Anemone was one of the architects of the NYPD’s highly touted Compstat program and was credited with being one of its toughest inquisitor’s. When asked about the Compstat program he quickly credited the late Jack Maple as its inventor. The highly innovative program is now utilized by nearly 90 percent of all police departments in the country in facilitating crime reduction and best practices.  

Below quoted from NY Times article: Michael Cooper June 11th, 1999:  

As the highest ranking uniformed member of the department, Chief Anemone cut a figure of almost military bearing. He stood ramrod straight, and sometimes wore a leather Sam Browne belt with a shoulder-strap on the outside of his uniform. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani praised Chief Anemone as an ''exceptional cop.''  

When Chief Anemone retired one of his former bosses, John F. Timoney, who was the First Deputy Commissioner under Mr. Bratton and is now the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, said: ''There are very few people who are irreplaceable. Chief Anemone actually is.''  

34 years’ experience in law enforcement and counter terrorism duties in the nation's greatest a largest Police Department, the NYPD.
2 years’ experience managing security and law enforcement for the nation's largest public transportation agency, the MTA.
 Expert in crowd control, disorder control tactics, and planning for large scale events.
 Surviving member of the original NYPD Compstat; team for reducing crime in NYC.
Developer of the NYPD's Traffic Stat system for reducing serious vehicle accidents in NYC.

Expert in investigation and review of investigations of the police use of deadly force.
Specialties: Crime fighting strategies and tactics.
 Anti-terrorism strategies and tactics.
Police use of deadly force.
 Risk management processes.
General police management.

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