June 19, 2020

#70 Rick Martinez Pt. 1

#70 Rick Martinez Pt. 1

Rick Martinez says his successful career with the NYPD was a tribute to his parents, Anastacio, and Valentina. As a young kid growing up in the tough projects of the South Bronx he saw them mugged and beaten on more than one occasion. This trauma motivated him to go “get the bad guys.” But he didn’t want just to be a cop… he wanted to be the best cop. In his humble opinion this was the Emergency Service Unit.

He was the first in his family to graduate the Police Academy, and he went on to his first assignment the 44 precinct in the Bronx. Highest crime rated precinct of the 75 NYPD precincts in the 1980’s. While some may have frowned upon this assignment Rick was ecstatic. Being born and raised in the area he knew who the bad guys were, where they were, and how they operated. Numerous gun, drug, and robbery arrests ensued and he and his partner, Lillian Rodriguez earned praise within the precinct.

In Rick’s 4th year on the job he was accepted into the elite Emergency Service Unit. In this unit with only 8 months on the job he was part of the team sent to apprehend drug dealer, and murderer Larry Davis. This incident was one of the fiercest gun battles in NYPD History. Six officers were wounded during this occurrence and Rick distinguished himself by saving the lives of at least three of them. As a result of this incident Rick was awarded the NYPD’s 2nd highest honor, the Combat Cross.

He currently works in the private security industry and credits his wife Christine for the constant smile he wears on his face. He lives for his two children, his son Noel, a school therapist, and his daughter Arielle a registered nurse.

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