April 21, 2022

ATF Asst. Director Peter Forcelli Fast and Furious #NYPD #ATF #FastandFurious #IronPipeline #Guns

ATF Asst. Director Peter Forcelli Fast and Furious #NYPD #ATF #FastandFurious #IronPipeline #Guns
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ATF Asst. Director Peter Forcelli Fast and Furious #NYPD #ATF #FastandFurious #IronPipeline #Guns  Career investigator, public safety professional and law enforcement subject matter expert. Retired ATF Deputy Assistant Director and NYPD Homicide Detective. Survivor of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC. Volunteer returning public speaker at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.   Provided testimony before Congress is the Operation Fast & Furious oversight investigation.  Led ATF’s critical incident response and investigation into a number of high profile, mass shooting incidents, which were covered by both national and international news media. These incidents include the mass shootings at:   -Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport   -Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.   -Investigation into Omar Mateen, the shooter at the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting and his acquisition of the firearms used in that incident.  Responsible for the exoneration of 12 wrongfully arrested and charged individuals, 8 of whom were wrongfully convicted for murders that they did not commit.  Several of my cases have been reported on in "The Wall Street Journal;" "The New Yorker" magazine; on NBC's "Dateline;" A&E Channel's "Gangland;" and on the Biography Channel's "Gangsters- Most Evil."   I have also appeared to provide commentary on a number of U.S. and Canadian radio, cable and network television news programs and documentaries with respect to ATF investigations or operations, and I have been portrayed in several real-crime novels, such as "Sex, Money Murder: A Tale of Blood, Crack and Betrayal," "El Narco" and "Blood, Gun, Money," to name a few.

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