Dec. 15, 2020

Police off the Cuff After Hours episode # 46 with actor, stand up comic, and NYC Tour guide Tom Delgado

Police off the Cuff After Hours episode # 46 with actor, stand up comic, and NYC Tour guide Tom Delgado
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Tomas “Tom” Delgado is a comedian, actor, writer, and tour guide who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and has been seen on season 4 of Billions, season 2 of Joe Pera Talks with You, Comedy Central, Food Network, Travel Channel, and Huffington Post. He produces and co-hosts “Let’s See, What Else?”, a free weekly stand-up show in the East Village of New York that was named one of the best underground shows in the city by Thrillist. He also produced successful versions of the show the Bowery Ballroom and 2018 NY Fashion Week. Check out the article. He has also performed at the Red Clay, Rogue Island, Brooklyn, Harlem, and Dallas Comedy Festivals. As an actor and member of SAG/AFTRA, his films have shown in the TriBeCa Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Northside Festival, SoHo Int’l Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, New York Shorts Fest and others. He has also done national commercials for Radio Shack, Comcast, Ford, Toyota, Riunite, Estrella Damm, and others.  He is also a writer and producer and has produced multiple plays, directed a show in the NY Fringe Festival that sold out every show, was nominated for best director in the 2016 Strawberry Festival for Short Plays, and has produced two short films that he also wrote and starred in. Regulars was run at the New York Short Film Festival and the Coney Island Film Festival. Tom also plays guitar, harmonica, sings, and writes music. He’s a New York City tour guide who has been featured on the Travel Channel and Telemundo talking about New York. He is also a former lawyer, admitted to the New York Bar Association. He no longer practices but if you really need legal help, hire him, then say goodbye to your chances of beating that indecent exposure charge.

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