Feb. 23, 2021

#PoliceofftheCuff After Hours episode # 15/2021 with comic #JenaCohenKingsley

#PoliceofftheCuff After Hours episode # 15/2021 with comic #JenaCohenKingsley
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Jena Kingsley was born and raised in New York City. She attributes everything she knows about comedy to a loving yet dysfunctional family. Her name is pronounced Jena, like Jameson, but only one N. Her parents spelled it wrong.

Most recently Jena has made her mark internationally with her pranks on unsuspecting New Yorkers. The media has called her pranks “Genius” and “Brilliant.” Perez Hilton called her “one bold and funny lady.” She released four viral prank videos in a row (“Are You On The List”, a Starbucks Prank where she posed as a Starbucks Bouncer, and “No Selfie Zone”, where she set up no selfie zones in NYC subject to fine, and “Social Media in Real Life” where she tries out the things we do on social media on unsuspecting New Yorkers and “Terms & Conditions” where she let people know what they have just blindly agreed to) all garnering major international media attention landing her on CNN, TIME, MTV, ABC, The Today Show, USA Today, AdWeek, Perez Hilton, CBS The Doctors and more. TruTV ran her “No Selfie Zone” video on their top funniest videos episode.

In sixth grade she won an award for writing excellence, which of course means nothing now. She is the writer/creator of the popular blog “Darcy Dates” and she also blogs for the Huffington Post. She is a regular guest of “Huffington Post Live” and Sirius XM. She has written for The New York Observer, New York Post, XOJane, HowAboutWe, BeautyBlitz.com and others.

She made her television debut appearance doing stand up on “Live From Gotham” on AXS TV. Her stand up appearances include The Stand, Gotham Comedy Club, Levity Live, Carolines Comedy Club, Governors, Stand Up New York and others. She also appeared in The New York Comedy Festival.

Her comedy is dedicated to her father. One of the funniest men she knew.

Who told her she was funny.

Really funny.

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