April 6, 2021

#PoliceofftheCuff Episode # 27 After Hours with retired NYPD lieutenant Dave Siev

#PoliceofftheCuff Episode # 27 After Hours with retired NYPD lieutenant Dave Siev

Lieutenant Dave Siev, New York City Police Department, has over twenty years of law enforcement experience.  In addition to his policing, he is the president of the Fighting Finest Boxing Team which is an organization where cops box and raise money for charity.  Dave Siev is the author of Operation: Blue Christmas and i-boxer (Volume 1).

According to the book description of Operation: Blue Christmas, “When you become a police officer they tell you to expect the unexpected. But how to know what the unexpected is? In a precinct in Brooklyn , when a turn of events bring a new twist to an old Christmas concept, the unexpected happens. A gang of cops have a good handle on what's right and wrong-but seem to bend the rules on everything else.... Police work, robberies, the carrying of large bags-all get thrown together into the mix of the Blue Christmas. Roughhousing and dollar-taking are all par for the course. But you've got to be careful, because the real secret of Blue Christmas is that these tough cops just might steal your heart!”

Teddy Atlas, Boxing Trainer of Champions, ESPN Boxing Analyst said of i-boxer (Volume 1), “In the boxing world it is often said if you talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk. Well in a new book called “i-boxer, the internet boxer”, you can hear talk about the “sweet science” but now you can also see just how some of the top fighters have walked the walk. You might just want to put your gloves on as you ‘enter the ring’ in this new experience of reading and learning.”

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