June 8, 2021

#PsychicMedium #BarbiDahl speaks about connecting with the dead, and intuition in everyday life.

#PsychicMedium #BarbiDahl speaks about connecting with the dead, and intuition in everyday life.

#PsychicMedium #BarbiDahl:  Barbi trained at the Institute for the Awakened Mind, located in Europe and most notably known for it's appearance on the Netflix Documentary "Surviving Death". She has also appeared with well known T.V and Hollywood Mediums around the country.   In her role as an Intuitive Medium, Barbi's soul’s purpose is to bridge the gap between the living and the deceased to bring comfort, closure, and hope to those who seek it.  Barbi also has a vast and loyal following among those seeking intuitive psychic coaching. She uses her ability to connect with the Spirit world and Universe to help others seek the guidance they need in life. Whether it be a career change, searching for your soul’s purpose, finding love in your life, choosing the path to go down, or any other life experience, Barbi relays the information she is given through enlightened messages and suggestions. With her help, many have found the answers they were seeking and have made positive changes in their lives.  She is what is considered a “Natural Channeler”. Barbi is given information from Spirit through her ability to allow them to download the information into her and through her. Messages as grand as to the state of the world, to as simple as helping give guidance to someone in need. Barbi relays the messages she is given through one-on-one readings, via teaching classes to help others develop their own abilities, through personal coaching, and most recently via this podcast and blog sites. 

Check out Barbi's website https://barbidahl.com 

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