Nov. 4, 2020

Real Crime Episode # 8 part # 1 with retired NYPD detective 1st grade Mike Hinrichs

Real Crime Episode # 8 part # 1 with retired NYPD detective 1st grade Mike Hinrichs
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Detective Mike Hinrichs, grandson of an NYPD Detective, was appointed to the NYPD in July of 1984. After serving as a uniformed patrol officer and then as a plain-clothes anti-crime Officer in Brooklyn’s 67th precinct, he was promoted to Detective in 1994. He was later transferred to the Brooklyn South Homicide squad where he remained for the next 16+ years, solving many high-profile cases. While he was assigned to the Homicide Squad, he was promoted to Detective First Grade, the highest rank for NYPD detectives. Detective Hinrichs was one of the most decorated police officers in NYPD history, receiving over 200 awards/medals/citations, including NYPD’s combat cross (twice) and the Medal of Valor (twice). In today's episode Bill and Mike talk about the NYPD disbanding Anti Crime as well as the importance of that unit. Mike talks about his exploits in the 67 Anti Crime, and his time in the 67 RIP Unit. The importance of the progression from Patrol, to Anti Crime, and to a Precinct RIP Unit and finally to a detective squad cannot be under appreciated. The skills learned along the way would serve any officer on his journey through the department and in Mike's case Brookly South Homicide Squad.

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