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I wish all the arm chair detectives on social media, and media, would listen to Idaho episode. Look forward to listening to the other episodes 💕

Love the show

I love the show…. But we could make a drinking game out of how many times he says “talking heads” we’d all be wasted - that’s my only complaint )))

Must-listen podcast

It is so refreshing to hear actual bonafide investigators talk true crime! Best thing out there.

My favorite podcast

These guys analyze crimes but as ex NYPD they really know their stuff… I started listening recently and I’m already a patron and relisten to old episodes when I’m bored / trying to fall asleep lol. Their podcast is a breath of fresh air in the true crime podcast lane bc they’re not just speculating or armchair sleuths like many true crime pods … the hosts and their guests all have experience working on many homicide investigations. You’ll learn a lot. Also they report on this stuff with a lot of compassion, not detached excitement like other pods…. Trust me just listen and you won’t be disappointed!

Great Podcast

Knowledgeable and insightful coverage of the Idaho murder case. Without a filter. Appreciate it guys.

Fantastic podcast!

I just found this podcast when I was looking for something about the Idaho U murders- these guys are great and I love listening to them!

Great podcast!

Being from Jersey I love listening to the accents! Feel right at home. My only suggestion is better editing. A clip will end and multiple seconds go by before you guys are back talking and/or you’ll say you’re about to play a clip and it takes multiple seconds before starting. I keep thinking my phone is not catching everything. Other than that I definitely enjoy!

My new favorite podcast

Salty ex-homicide detectives from NYC and the like… it’s like sitting in with real investigators during a real investigation and not arm chair quarterbacks on other podcasts. I started listening because of the U of Idaho murders but am going to go back and start from the beginning. Thanks guys!!

Favorite police podcast

I’m a LI native so getting to hear stories about true crime and policing in a city close to home makes me love listening that much more. I love hearing the stories of those who have served over the years and learning why police operate the way they do. Mark, Bill, Angel, and Phil are knowledgeable and funny and always great to listen to. I’ll be sad when I’m all caught up on the episodes 😂 Hands down the best police podcast out there 👏🏼🚔

Stockton Serial Killer

Hey, great information on the podcast. The one female is a mixed light skinned black woman with very short hair and said she’s mistaken for a Hispanic her whole life. So 7 men in the shooters mind.

Thank you!

Thank you for basing your Kiely Rodni episode on fact rather than propelling the conjecture (and lies) going around YouTube!

Heard it on Facebook???

Wait, I thought FB was the last great bastion of truth.. Sure act like it when censoring peoples posts about politics… If this speech, with the lies about the borders, is not dangerous, why are those 53 poor people dead?

Heard it on Facebook???

Wait, I thought FB was the last great bastion of truth.. Sure act like it when censoring peoples posts about politics… If this speech, with the lies about the borders, is not dangerous, why are those 53 poor people dead?

I’m a lovin’ it!!!

Love that I found you guys. Y’all do an awesome Job!

Off the Cuff

Many podcasts from Them to listen to. Since I live in the highland park area this is especially relevant to me(wish it wasn’t)

Gonzalo case

Y'all did a great job! Much love from tx!

Best coverage of real time crime!

Thanks guys! Love the show!

Night Stalker Episode

Dang am i trippin or did Gil *not* wanna do this pod? I listen to him every week on OMG Hi, and he’s the opposite of how he acted on this pod. Strange, he was giving one word answers, and not even going into detail on the case, his breakthrough case. Lol i love Gil Carillo, i admire him, he’s so funny but he seemed rude here :/

Thank you Bill and Mark

This podcast makes me feel like me of the NYPD family all the way from California. Thank you for sharing the truth and giving a voice to all the LEOs out there. I love listening to your insight. Thanks for doing this show. Back the blue always! Love listening to Phil and his thoughts as well.

Favorite podcast

These guys all feel like family. Im not from NY (well actually I was born in Utica, but they would mock me for saying that’s NY) but being Italian makes New Yorkers feel familiar. Throw in a lot of laughs too. They keep me company when I’m doing busy work at home. I love the lack of political correctness. God Bless from California.

Don’t believe the Media

The Maga hats don’t matter in Jacksonville Florida neither do masks, nobody messes with anyone nobody cares, the media makes a big deal out of everything, but I work in retail and see everyone. There is no problem, nobody cares.

Great podcast about the Alec Baldwin tragedy

This is my new favorite podcast. I am from New Orleans. Every time I go to New York, people comment on my accent. It’s a lot like your accents. I went to YouTube and subscribed and liked your channel. Could you announce your website so I can make a donation? I really appreciate what you guys are doing!

Great podcast!

Interesting podcast with perspective from actual cops. They also have awesome guests with viewpoints from various professions. These guys are great!

The intro melody…

Too 1980’s Ghostbusters. I’m thinking more like Serpico when I listen to you guys. You know what I mean?!?!?! There’s nothing silly about the show. I look to you two “to lay it on us”... Love you nevertheless!

Great Perspective

I love the law enforcement lens that you speak from. Bringing up sound bites directly related to the case is on point. The professionals you interview bring credibility to the podcast. One area of improvement prior to recording is to ensure your technology is clickable ready…or edit out the glitches before uploading.

Great podcast!

I love listening to off the cuff podcast.

Love this podcast

I worked closely with the PD for 23 years while managing retail loss prevention. I have a great respect for the police and absolutely love this podcast! I enjoy your perspective and topics! Keep up the great work and thank you for your service!


Great show. As a retired MOS can you please stop referring to yourself as a detective Sargent. I know it sounds good but I cringe every time you say it because we all know that’s not a rank. It’s just as offensive as someone saying stop and frisk.

Gawd!!! 😞

Listening to you right now. This just arrived: Brian Entin@BrianEntin · 21m Just spoke with Moloney Funeral Home in NY. They say they are hoping to have services for Gabby Petito on Sunday. Because of some circumstances that have come up in Wyoming, services could be on hold. They will know more later today. 😞🤮😞🤮😞🤮😞