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Laundries family member rumored to be Nassau cop…


We love this show! You'll hear amazing stories from amazing people in law enforcement! Mark & Bill are hilarious & courteous hosts. We're proud to sponsor & put our name alongside POLICE OFF THE CUFF!!! Atta Boys!


Great show. As a retired MOS can you please stop referring to yourself as a detective Sargent. I know it sounds good but I cringe every time you say it because we all know that’s not a rank.

Best police podcast ever!!!

A show about friendship, murder, and behind the scenes of being a police officer, Off the cuff is a hilarious and serious fan and true crime podcast. Off the cuff is a unique fan show from two retired officers from the nypd now podcasters among other titles. Together the hosts, Mark and Bill , roll through each episode, digging up real world facts and stories with other officers to support the episode’s handling of the subject matter. They go back and forth swapping roles of teller and informer. One episode will have Mark asking questions while Bill shares more comedic commentary and they take turns be funny as all get out! With this type of format, each of their styles shines and brings different meaning to each part of the fancast meets true crime podcast. #backtheblue #offthecuffpolice


Great guests, great shows


This podcast is awesome!! Makes me miss the JOB!! It’s a trip down memory lane sometimes, having been on NYPD for over 25 years and been on some of the jobs they talk about. REAL COPS, REAL STORIES, REALLY GREAT PODCAST

Love the show!!!!

I’m a certifiable couch potato cop wannabe!!! Love the show and the stories!!! PLEASE keep up the amazing work!!!

Great chemistry

Hey guys when are you guys gonna get some Nypd cops on. Perhaps a cop that just resigned from the job recently to get his or her take about the job and why they resigned.

Great great Podcast! Always waiting for the next!

Great podcast with two very genuine ex police officers. I’m just a regular civilian and this show is one of my top favorite podcasts, I’ve done back and listened to all the episodes. I do wish there were more episodes more regularly, But that’s what I like about this podcast too I really look forward to each episode. You can tell by the guests they have that they are well respected in the police community, Thank you very much to all behind the scenes of this podcast, Great Work!

Great show

Love to listen to this podcast keep up the good work. What happened to second episode of Barber Butcher?

If you’re on the job, this podcast is a must!

By far, the best podcast for cops currently working and retired. The stories told are real life experiences filled with excitement and tragedy. Plus, being retired, these guys can say what we all really think. These guys have been a staple in my travels to and from work on a daily basis. Keep em coming!


Was wondering if you got Friedman... of course you did... excellent show. Great timing, great stories and funny when it needs to be.


Your super stars are great! You have to get Retired Lt. Dave Siev, head of the PBA boxing team. And start having patrol guys too.

Applause & guest request

Excellent podcast! Great stories and I love all the ball busting you guys do with each other and guest. I laughed out loud many times while listening. This is a good podcast for all listeners, even if your not a MOS. You guys should get someone on from NYPD’s ACIS (Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad). I feel this is a forgotten department. Thanks for all the great episodes and keep them coming!

Don’t go 90Z on us.

Great show guys. I love everything about it. Keep it going!

True talk

This is the best police podcast on the air. Love hearing these stories and the support you guys give. Keep it up and thank you!

Great comedian / great podcast

I drive long hours each day and listening to “off the cuff” is perfect. Seeing mark live as a comedian was amazing and his podcast is just as amazing! Thanks mark! Keep then coming!


Brooklyn cop for 9 years, thoroughly enjoy. Keep it up!

Two thumbs up

I’m new on the job in a small Midwest city and this show helps the time pass while pushing a car on mids. While this show isn’t a teaching show, the stories give officers some hints on how to stay safe and work with a partner. The stories are great and reminds you of the stories of yesteryear when cops were cops. My grandfather passed before he could share his stories with me of his time working in Detroit. Although I’m not from New York, this show relates to all. Keep up the good work.


these guys are awesome. real old school the way it should be. i’m in LE now and these two guys should run our training. my pops was on NYPD for 23 years 20 of them in warrants first grader. i’m sure he has stories for you guys! stay safe


My Dad was a policeman in Colorado Springs for 30 years beginning in 1964 and listening to you talk brings back fond memories of the “shop talk” that I would hide and listen to when I was little. Yes, it was often inappropriate but I wouldn’t change those memories for anything. He passed away a few years ago and I miss him terribly and your sarcasm, wit and crazy stories make me smile and miss him a little less. Thank from an old cop kid.

Police off the cuff

Five star pod cast by real guys/cops. Awesome stories.

Top cops

This is an incredible podcast! I love listening to how cops worked in the past in our city and how they think it’s being tough for the cops now. I’d love to hear an interview with Cops from the 34 pct and how they started the NCO program


This episode of Off the Cuff is an absolute must hear. It’s an inside look at the Central Park 5 case and how it unfolded from start to finish. Names are named and no fact is left uncovered. Great job guys

Best podcast on policing period.

As a Current NYPD cop this is the best podcast around. Hilariously accurate. Great work guys can’t get enough, keep em coming

Great Job

As a young Detective I always say “Everything changed but nothing changed.” Great job guys... hilarious material

Real guys

It’s good for civilians to listen to stuff like this and learn that cops are real guys who they can relate to-it helps counteract the usual media narrative. This show is funny, inspiring, and a little sad to hear the way things were compared to how they are now. One note of criticism...for the love of god..please let your guests finish a couple of sentences before interrupting so much. You all have so much to say and bring to the table but it’s not a race. Maybe it’s just a New York thing but it’s a little bit frustrating trying to listen to a story and it gets interrupted 25 times and then eventually the subject changes. Listening to the one from May 10th right now and cannot get through the guest’s story about the dna rape interview stuff without a thousand interruptions from the hosts. With that said all the interruptions are relevant and interesting but just add a part three and let the guest talk a bit longer if you need to. I’ll listen to everything you guys put out so no rush.

If you’re a cop

If you’re a cop, you’ll get it!!! Cops telling cop stories, never gets old... I don’t care when you came on, or when you left - if you were ever on the job, you’ll love it!!!! Great stories told by real cops, it doesn’t get any better!!!!!!!!

My new favorite podcast!

Really outstanding podcast, guys! I love all the stories and history you and your guests share with us. Please keep the podcast going! I honestly can’t get enough.