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Best Cop talk ever!

Great Cop stories

Legends telling their stories in a funny way.

This podcast is unique. Where else can you hear the story of real NYPD legends joking about their experience on the force? So good.


As you cana tell if you listen to Mark or know him, he is the real deal. After admiring him from afar for many years when I saw he produced his own off broadway show, "20 and out", I finally met him in person. This is a great episode, I performed stand-up with Mark and Bill Cannon on the same shwo. I did over 35 years as a police officer from upstate NY to Los Angeles, and was still honored and awed to perform with these New York City coppers. I could relate to all of these stories. This podcast is a real inside look at police work behind the yellow tape, where few get to see what really happens. Looking forward to all the upcoming episodes. Bravo Mark, well done!!! I think we need a part to with Bill, he has so many stories.