April 15, 2021

To the Point Episode # 2 with NYPD SBA President Ed Mullins and retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon

To the Point Episode # 2 with NYPD SBA President Ed Mullins and retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon
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To the Point with Ed Mullins: Edward D. Mullins has been a member of the New York City Police Department since January 1982. On July 1, 2002, he was elected President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association by an overwhelming majority of its members. Early in his career he was assigned to the 13th Precinct on Manhattan’s East Side. After nearly 10 years he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the 10th Precinct in Manhattan’s Chelsea area. Promoted to Sergeant in 1993, he was assigned to the 19th Precinct on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and subsequently transferred to the Detective Bureau in Brooklyn South, where he served in the 67th Precinct Detective Squad, Special Victims Squad, and the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Mullins learned about labor management as a PBA and SBA delegate in the 13th and 19th Precincts and the Detective Bureau. Mullins is one of four children raised in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. His father was a longshoreman on the West Side docks, and his mother, Carmen Lopez-Mullins, was a homemaker. He and his twin sons reside in Nassau County. A lifelong believer in the merits of education, Mullins received a bachelor’s degree from Concordia College, where he completed his studies while working as a full-time police sergeant, and a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Mercy College. Additionally, he served as founder and Chief Executive Officer of a successful private security firm in Manhattan, and has attended a variety of educational workshops in security management, finance and labor studies, including those at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York University, Cornell University, and Harvard University.   Dale Bormann, Jr. has served with the Milwaukee Police Department since 1996. Dale is currently the President of the Milwaukee Police Association.  Prior to being President, Dale has served as the Vice President and a Trustee of the Milwaukee Police Association. Before becoming Vice President, Dale was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau working on Burglary, robbery, violent crimes, and financial crime cases.  Dale is also currently the CEO and President of the Milwaukee Police Association Fallen Heroes, Inc.

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