July 30, 2021

Two Officers battle opioid addiction within their families and tell the story of their struggles on this journey.

Two Officers battle opioid addiction within their families and tell the story of their struggles on this journey.
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Michael Balioni has been a police officer since 2007 has done numerous assignments within his precinct.  Previously he was assigned as the field training officer, neighborhood coordination officer, and crime prevention officer.  He has a baccalaureate degree from John Jay and numerous training certificates from the police department. He is proud of being an an official Coney Island Polar Bear.  Michael shares his story of personal struggle and growth after his wife developed a severe opiate addiction following a motorcycle accident. Michael has collaborated with the office of Staten Island District Attorney Michael E. McMahon to help spread the word about prevention and coping with addictions and co-occurring mental illness.  Retired NYPD Captain Loretta Kennedy and active PO Michael Balioni talk about opioid addiction Loretta Kennedy joined JetBlue Airways in 2005 and retired in 2020.  As Director Security, Domestic Operations and Investigations her responsibilities included oversight of the internal and external corporate security investigations, the 24x7 Command Center, security training, security compliance, airport security operations and threat assessment and mitigation. Most notably, Loretta led the development of the corporate Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter program and training as well as incorporating the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Lightning program training to ensure crew members were aware on how they can support the efforts to end human trafficking. Loretta was selected to be the airline representative for the Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking where she worked with other members of the committee to make recommendations for increased awareness opportunities directed toward the transportation industry. Prior to joining JetBlue, Loretta worked for the New York City Police Department for 25 years where she had varied assignments and supervisory designations over the years to include: Detective in the Organized Crime Control Bureau, Manhattan South Training Sergeant, Lieutenant Personnel Officer, Internal Affairs Bureau, and as a Captain served as the Executive Officer, Public Information Division and subsequently finished her career overseeing investigations in Detective Borough Manhattan. Loretta has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Marist College and is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy 190th Session. She currently serves as an Advisor for a non-profit, Cycle for Recovery, whose focus is to provide grants to those in need who are dealing with addiction or mental health issues.

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