Nov. 20, 2021

Matt Little: Innovation in Firearms Training

Matt Little: Innovation in Firearms Training

Matt Little is a US Army Special Forces combat veteran and a retired Chicago Police Department SWAT leader. He is a lifelong martial artist and a USPSA & IDPA Master Class Shooter. Matt’s passion for innovating his own training experience led him to open Greybeard Actual, where he uses his decades of operational, competitive, and instructional experience to provide advanced training in firearms, tactics, and combatives.

TBP host Adam Kinakin had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Little at the 2021 ILEETA conference. In this episode, Matt & Adam discuss the diverse background that has shaped Matt’s coaching style, his passion for training, do’s and don’t of firearms training, and how he has used competition as a tool. They also dive into IPSC training, the Stacatto 2011 pistol platform, key takeaways from Matt’s instruction, and how to chart a path to excellence in your shooting. 

With his high-level military background, Matt has always had accessible firearms training. Despite this, he still had the mindset to seek out more and diverse training to truly become an expert. To reach your full potential as a shooter, you need to seek out training outside of your wheelhouse and understand the science of how to become an expert. Matt put it perfectly when he said “number of rounds fired is no guarantee of skill” – more is not always better. 

Put simply, the training Matt offers combines his years of experience, mistakes, and best practices to bring you a shortcut to becoming an expert shooter. Matt offers you the tools you need from the get-go. His sole goal is to enable his students to master their craft quickly and efficiently. He approaches firearms training with a coach-to-athlete mentality and feels you should train shooting like you would any other sport – you need to understand the methodology that you are an athlete, doing an athletic drill and not going through a scenario. 

Is your ego getting in the way of your training? To become one of the best, you need to put yourself up against the best. Don’t avoid competing with someone better than you just because they will beat you. Match yourself with top competitors and learn from them. 

One of our favorites from Matt Little: “You are either improving or degrading – there is no ‘I’ve arrived’”. 


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