Nov. 20, 2021

Michael Musengo: Advanced Instructional Methods at ILEETA

Michael Musengo: Advanced Instructional Methods at ILEETA

In this episode of the Tactical Breakdown Podcast, your host Adam Kinakin sits down with Michael Musengo at the 2021 ILEETA conference. 

Michael Musengo is a Force Science Institute Instructor, the Owner of Train the Brain Consulting LLC, a nationally recognized subject matter expert, an IADLEST Certified Instructor, and the recently retired Director of the Syracuse Regional Police Academy. At the ILEETA conference, Mike taught “Advanced Instructional Methods”, a course focusing on his work with non-traditional and empirically supported methods of training to optimize long term learning, retention, and skill transfer. Michael teaches how to deepen your own knowledge and implement changes into your training program despite systematic challenges and “worn out” tools. 

Join Adam and Michael as they dive into teaching how to teach and discuss the importance of understanding the science behind learning and human factors, and further contextualizing training into something actionable to optimize learning retention. You will learn what “connective tissue” is in terms of training, how we can create better simulator training for skill integration, how to get started as an instructor, and the importance of connecting and collaborating with other experts. 

More about our guest: 

Mike has studied and implemented non-traditional and empirically supported methods of training that optimizes long-term learning, retention, and skill transfer into the LEO training experience.  These methods coupled with his experience as an instructor in human performance factors have helped him develop a training curriculum for not only the officer on the street but the trainers who are responsible for them.

Mike’s innovative application of scientifically supported methods of training has gained the attention, praise, and application from top trainers in the business. His focus is on how we can help each other become more competent instructors, coaches, and leaders within our profession. 

His background includes NY State DCJS Certifications as a General Topics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Reality-based Training Instructor, and Academy Director. He has specialized in tactical operations for over 26 years and is the Director of the NYS DCJS Accredited Basic SWAT Operator Course and has experience as the commanding officer for all firearms and tactics-related training for the Syracuse Police Department and SPD SWAT team.  He spent 19 years as a narcotics detective working as an undercover operative and was a sworn DEA Taskforce agent working on larger multi-jurisdictional narcotics cases.

Want more from Sergeant Mike Musengo? Have a listen to the Tactical Breakdown Podcast, Episode 27: The Science of Training for Law Enforcement. 

Resources mentioned on today’s show: 

  1. Dr. Robert A. Bjork – UCLA Department of Psychology
  2. Motor Learning and Performance – Schmidt and Lee 
  3. Perception, Cognition, and Decision Training – Joan N. Vickers
  4. Beyond Automaticity – Pacherie and Mylopoulos  


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