May 5, 2022

Mike Farrell: Smart Firearms Training

Mike Farrell: Smart Firearms Training

Mike Farrell is the Founder and President of Smart Firearms, a company using innovative devices to #ChangeTheStandard of firearms training.

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Mike Farrell is the Founder and President of Smart Firearms, a company using innovative devices to #ChangeTheStandard of firearms training. Smart Firearms was founded after Mike took a deep dive into law enforcement firearms training and noted poor quality training guns and a high firearms accident frequency. He felt the firearms training community was significantly underserved and set out to develop innovative products that would forever change the firearms training industry. Today, Mike continues his work with a fiery passion and is consistently innovating and expanding the capabilities and performance of his products. 

In this episode, Adam and Mike discuss the history of Smart Firearms and Mike details what this training system can do for agencies and academies nationwide. He demonstrates how these training tools are instrumental in creating realistic training and developing defensive shooters that are better prepared for real-world incidents. Mike also touches on how the Smart Firearms training system can be customized to fulfill the unique needs of agencies in different areas of the country, so instructors can deliver the best training experience possible. 

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On average, there is a firearms accident in the United States every 34 minutes. While the circumstances of each accident are unique, the final link in the chain is always the same – THE UNINTENTIONAL TRIGGER PULL. Smart Firearms have developed a training gun which demands proper handling at all times, building safe, confident, aggressive shooters. The training weapons are made to fit Safariland duty holsters and are compatible with most use of force simulators on the market! 

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