Dec. 9, 2021

Steve Johnson: Listening to Truth and Determining Deceit

Steve Johnson: Listening to Truth and Determining Deceit

Today’s episode of the Tactical Breakdown features Steve Johnson at the 2021 ILEETA Conference. 

Steve currently serves as the Chief of Police for the city of Swansea, Illinois and is a lead instructor for Calibre Press. Steve provides comprehensive training classes with Calibre Press that teach you to be “conscious of the unconscious” and use your knowledge of human behaviour to effectively obtain a confession. 

At the ILEETA conference, Steve trained law enforcement instructors on the topic of Interviewing & Interrogation. He uses his lived experience to provide information on I&I methodologies, human factors, and human behaviour (understanding the behaviour and the context). 

We discuss the negative connotation around the term “interrogation” and Steve shares a case study that includes a great example of when to move on to interrogation tactics and how to pivot when you are stuck in an investigation. 

Adam & Steve also dive into what it takes to be an investigator including traits, inherent or developed skills, and how to get promoted. 

A key takeaway: there is no magic method for interrogation that will always get you a confession. Steve’s suggestion? Learn every modality, tactic, and methodology around I&I. Get your hands on all the information that you can. Watch and learn in real situations whenever possible. Seek training & advice from the top experts in the field. Over time, you will find a blend of these tactics that works for you, and you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to pivot and try something new if your style isn’t getting the job done. 

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More about our guest: 

Previously, Chief Johnson was the Special Operations Coordinator for the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office. With the State’s Attorney’s Office, some of Steve’s responsibilities include participating in grant writing and increasing technology in the grant writing process, coordinating communication between law enforcement and the state’s attorney’s office, and coordinating law enforcement training.

Steve Johnson also served with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and retired as a captain in 2014. Johnson was assigned as the Commander of the elite Street Crimes Unit, a special force designed to go after career criminals in violent areas of the entire county. He also served as the Chief Investigator overseeing the Criminal Investigation Section, Drug Tactical Unit, Street Crimes Unit, Special Response Team (SWAT), Warrant Section, Evidence Section, DEA Taskforce Agent, Auto theft Taskforce Agent, Courthouse Security, Domestic Violence Unit, Internal Affairs and St. Clair County Investigative Professionals Group (SCIP).

Steve is a graduate of the FBI’s prestigious National Academy (224th Session) and graduated from the 200-hour Police Training Board certified course, “Police Executive Role in the 21st Century” on Command Leadership. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University and earned his Master of Arts Degree in Computer Resources and Information Management Specializing in Personnel Management.

Chief Johnson has been a contract instructor with FLETC and has served as an adjunct instructor for Southwestern Illinois College where he taught subject areas that include Criminology, Criminalistics, Crime Scene Investigations, Cybercrime, and Criminal Investigations. Steve is currently the Lead Instructor for “Cell Block Survival” and “Surviving Hidden Weapons” with Calibre Press. He also instructs “Street Survival”, “The Warrior’s Edge”, and “Arresting Communication” seminars.

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