Aug. 22, 2022

Best of Show #1

Best of Show #1

Starting this podcast, we never dreamed that it would take off the way it has. We've seen guests turn into repeat guests, or better yet, close friends. We've gained much more knowledge than we could ever hope to have imparted (though we do hope we pass it on!), and Seen opportunities arise at home and abroad.

As a fun trip down memory lane, and to give some of our more memorable guests extra air time, we decided to revisit the entirety of the series over the course of the next few episodes as we finish gearing up for Season 3.

Thank you guys, gals, and COPreneurs for making this possible.

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About Scott Savage
I began my career in public safety at age 19, first as an E.M.T and next as a licensed paramedic working in a busy emergency medical system. In 1999, I became a police officer with the Palo Alto Police Department in California. I spent 18 years with Palo Alto PD where I was fortunate enough to work a lot of great assignments including Patrol, F.T.O., Special Problems Team (narcotics, vice, surveillance), assignment on a Regional SWAT team and a full-time assignment to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (terrorism task force) where I was granted an FBI Top Secret security clearance and promoted to Training Coordinator. I spent the last seven years with Palo Alto PD as a Sergeant, where I served as the Incident Commander for critical incidents and regularly supervised the police response to in-progress situations. I was also a Team Leader of the Crisis Negotiation Team where I was responsible for supervising negotiators and peacefully resolving incidents. After a great career with Palo Alto PD, I joined the Santa Clara Police Department (CA) as an Officer and I continue to serve there today.

About Jason Smith
Jason Smith is a successful copreneur and Facebook ads agency owner. He helps his client's brands grow and scale with Facebook and Instagram ads. In just a few short years, Jason has grown his agency to a multi-million dollar business – recently managing over $2M in Facebook ad spend just over the 2020 Black Friday season.

About Adam Wills
I help companies who market products and services related to law enforcement or the military, or are in the hunting & fishing, dignitary security, private security, and private investigations industries.

As a former 15-year law enforcement veteran, deputized US Marshal, law enforcement administrator, lover of hunting and fishing, and enthusiast of all things tactical, I know how to speak yours and your customer's language.