June 27, 2022

Every Cop Has a Story to Tell

Every Cop Has a Story to Tell

A great many people undertake adventures in life that are highly interesting to others. It may even be possible that a great many more people have stories worth writing down, than those who actually put forth the effort to write them down.

What adventures have you had, what knowledge do you possess, what worthwhile content could YOU fill a book with? And why have you not done so?

Lack of time? Writer's block? The constant shifting of priorities?

We're joined this week by Mike Ulmer whose book writing methods are distinctly different than any we've come across so far. How so? Well... we can't give it all away up front!

About Mike Ulmer
Mike Ulmer has written 13 books, traveled the world as a sportswriter, scrummed some of the biggest names in sports and conducted more than 10,000 interviews. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with his current wife, Agnes Bongers.

Web/ Social Links
Website - https://www.getcatapulted.com
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-ulmer-554814a3/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mikeulmer99
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/direct/inbox/

Resources Discussed/ Links
Show and Tell Writing - A great, short busines book about how to write a great, short business book
The 50 Year - Old Millennial - The leadership gap exposed by the Millennials and how to close it.
The Myth-Guided Mind - Unleash Your God-Given Genius at Work and at Home
The 40 Ways Of The Fox - In The 40 Ways of the Fox, Ron Foxcroft lights the way for new entrepreneurs and business veterans alike. Ron details how he negotiated his way out of high school, enjoyed a 23-year career as a clandestine Canadian referee in the highest reaches of NCAA men's basketball, built a sweeping transport business and created a revolutionary whistle sold in 140 countries.
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