Aug. 15, 2022

Launching a New Business While Working as a Full-Time Cop

Launching a New Business While Working as a Full-Time Cop

When you've been doing the same thing over and over and over again for 21 years you get options. You can get really good at that thing. You can start to not like it anymore. You can analyze it in ways it has never been analyzed before and pick it apart. You can look for ways to make it better.

Jason Louis may have done just that.

After spending a significant amount of time training other officers, Jason took his gripe sheet and turned it into a to-do list. He started working on changing law enforcement training in a way that most haven't ever seen before, and founded The Briefing Room. Rather than the same cherry picked scenarios and 4,000 slide death-by-PowerPoint, The Briefing Room creates clear, concise videos that stay front of mind and encourage mental exercises and discussion.

Did we mention that he did all this while still working nights at the S.O.?

About Jason Louis
Law enforcement training expert Jason Louis empowers your agency's supervisors to build a remarkable shift of police officers through consistent daily training in briefing or roll call. As an active-duty patrol sergeant and the founder of The Briefing Room, Jason combines his 21 years of diverse law enforcement experience, POST certifications in numerous law enforcement disciplines, and his time as the In-Service Training Coordinator for his agency's regional training center to transform officers from mediocrity into well-trained professionals who are confident in their daily decision making. The Briefing Room's RISE Training Blocks are a significant advancement in training for any agency looking to reduce liability, increase officer retention, lower costs and maintain public trust.

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