May 30, 2022

Podcast Guesting 101: Grow Your Business by Getting Booked on Podcasts

Podcast Guesting 101: Grow Your Business by Getting Booked on Podcasts

"Come sit down with us this week as Nancy Jeutten shares her secrets to making friends with strangers on the internet and getting more awesome air time on other people's podcasts!

As Nancy says, ""Get known, get paid!"

About Nancy Jeutten

Podcast Guesting Success Expert Nancy Juetten transforms speakers, experts and authors into sought-after podcast guests who speak their way to 6-figures and beyond. Nancy combines her years of public relations agency success, proven online marketing strategies honed since 2009, and velvet boot of accountability to kick clients into an empowering and sustainable gear of performance and profits. In addition to being an Amazon #1 best-selling author and a consistent content creator, Nancy spoke up on 100 podcasts and virtual stages in 2021 with her sassy sound bites leading the way. She delights in teaching others to welcome the same or even better results!

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PodMatch - PodMatch Automatically Matches Ideal Podcast Hosts And Guests For Interviews - is the community for creating conversations. Join 40,000+ people making sweet podcasts together!
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