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Powerful information and interviews

Adam has an excellent podcast here. His in-depth conversations are super helpful!

Nothing works without integrity

Thank you Adam for inviting me to be a guest on your podcast. You helped me by creating the space to share how Accountability and Integrity can be empowering and a game changer. I’m grateful for the conversation we recorded.

Interesting and valuable podcast

Adam and his various guest strike a great balance between motivation and actual strategy for implementation. Also, I appreciate how Adam along with his guest offer a realistic portrait of entrepreneurship.

Speaks to Me

You’ve listened to podcasts about tactics, gear and mindset. Now listen to a professional podcast about maybe the most important issue you will face; what to make of your life after “the job”. If you’ve ever thought, or dreamed, of creating your own business then this is for you. Adam and his knowledgeable guests lay out the pitfalls and the joys of the entrepreneurial world but from an angle that’s inviting and educating to those of us still stuck between the four walls of a precinct. If you are nearing the end, or even if law enforcement just feels like a dead end, then you owe it to yourself to listen and consider all the possibilities out there waiting for you. Stu

You Have to Listen!

If you are a current LEO or retired LEO with a side hustle this podcast is a must. From marketing, website design, etc. Adam brings on excellent guests who’ve been down the road of hard knocks and success. Those guest share their experiences to your benefit and success. I wish I would have found this podcast earlier in my LEO to CEO journey!

Great podcast

Great show host and I learned a lot while listening. I was entertained while at the same time got very valid information. I definitely recommend listening

Most important LE podcast of our time

This is a podcast full of firsts. LE officers and administrators need to be aware of what’s new and coming at the very least. The elite LE officer will be an innovator. Adam expertly facilitates both.

Professional in every sense

Adam’s background in law enforcement has made him an excellent conversationalist. He immediately builds rapport with his guests, and they share their valuable experience with the audience. I recommend this show to anyone who is contemplating their life after law enforcement - or interested in learning about the intersection between the public & private sectors.

Awesome Content

This is a great podcast for tips and info on business- especially if you’re in public safety! Adam is a public safety professional so he knows what he’s talking about and is very authentic! I eagerly await each new episode! Keep up the great work Adam!